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#LMBlovesHouses- Crystal Coast Homes

I haven’t done an #LMBlovesHouses [Liz Marie Blog loves houses] in so long! I miss it so much. It’s basically a place where I share my addiction to looking at homes. From me driving by homes and making Jose stop the car so I can take a photo to me actually touring homes, to you guys with amazing homes sending me photos of your amazing homes so I can share them here. Anyways, this past weekend I went to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina with Hunter Fan Co., which I will be blogging more about later, but while we were there we took a trolly tour through downtown Beaufort [we were supposed to be on on bikes, but it was pouring rain the day we went] & on this tour I saw some amazing homes when I was there & I wanted to share a few snapshots that inspired me during my visit. In no particular order…

Seriously from the architecture, to the floors, to the fabrics, to the landscape.. it was all so inspiring and the trip made me fall in love with the small details in spaces. I immediately wanted to come home and add more cozy elements to your farmhouse like tile & pattern detail. I was hoping that the quick snapshots I grabbed on my phone would also inspire you in some small way. You all know I love Eastern North Carolina after living there for 10 years, but this trip made me fall even more in love with the area & all the beauty it had to offer. If you ever get the change to go to Easter North Carolina be sure to take the Hungry Town Tour in Beaufort so you can see all these homes & eat your way through Beaufort while you take the tour. You won’t regret it if you are a creep like me & seeing other peoples homes! Anyways, thank you guys so so so much for stopping by the blog today & for getting a glimpse into my trip to North Carolina. Let me know what your favorite inspiration picture is… I think mine is, well all of them. I want them all. haha Thank you for stopping by! xx

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Light Fixtures

Affiliate links to all lights: 1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// 8// 9// 10// 11//  14// 15// 16// 17// 18// 19//

The one thing about living in a fixer upper is that in our whole house there isn’t one room that isn’t finished. I’m fine with it most days & kind of enjoy living through this process & feel so blessed to be living this journey. BUT the two rooms that I am the most excited to have “done” are the kitchen and the bathroom.. just one bathroom. I don’t even need them all done to be happy. So, what do I do while I wait? I dream. I dream everyday of new ideas to do in the kitchen & bathrooms, I dream of fixtures, colors, designs, furniture, I dream about it all. Today I was browsing online & got hung up on bathroom light fixtures so I thought I would share with you guys some of them that I found. I could have kept going but I had to stop myself at 20+ of them. If you remember in our last house we made a DIY farmhouse bathroom light fixture [HERE] which was super fun & some of these reminded me of a few we could DIY ourselves. I found a range of lights that inspire me from the brushed gold finishes to the dark & rustic accents. I love that each light has vintage inspired elements that would really go well in our farmhouse. I’m not sure what we will end up doing, but something tells me that we will be working on our entryway bathroom in our downstairs area first [hopefully very soon] & that we will be picking one of these lights for the space. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. I’m so curious to see what the favorite light is!! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & for following along with our fixer upper journey! xx

Check out this DIY light fixture [HERE]

Farmhouse style flush mount lights [HERE]

Check out some farmhouse style three tiered trays [HERE]

Kitchen Makeover Update: Repurposed Ceiling Boards

I thought I would update you guys on our kitchen because it’s been a while & even though we are no where near finished, we have made some progress. If you guys remember [this update here] where we decided to go with exposed ceilings, well that is still the plan & we found a way to repurpose those ceiling boards that we took down in the kitchen….

Here is the kitchen before we took the ceiling boards down….

& with the ceiling boards down showing the gaps towards the ceiling that need to be filled….

That partition from the kitchen to the sunroom has to stay unfortunately [the partition on the right side of the photo above]. I was really hoping to take it out so the rooms seemed more open and seamless together, but it’s load bearing so it will be staying. You can’t always get what you want in a fixer upper that’s for sure! After we took the ceiling boards down they were just sitting on our kitchen floor until we decided to recycle some of them & use them on that beam. Do you see the holes on the top of the wall by the ceiling where the joists meet the walls on either side? All those gaps have to be filled so we decided to fill them in with the boards by placing them vertically in those areas & it’s now looking like this…

We will be closing all the gaps by the ceiling around the entire room now in the kitchen before we paint everything white. Please excuse the way these boards look now with just primer on them. We had primed them when they were on the ceiling when we thought we were keeping the ceiling up, but soon we will be painting the entire room from the ceiling to the floor so it will all be looking seamless. It’s also so nice when you can use free material that you already have and repurpose it in another spot. That’s a fixer-upper win folks! The kitchen is no where near finished as you can clearly see in the photos, but as soon as we get some new windows in this place we can get moving quicker. Y’all I just want a kitchen…. that’s all I really want. It’s been months without one & I’m so so so ready! We plan on making some other major progress this weekend on a few other projects in this space so I will keep you posted on those. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today & for following along with our farmhouse fixer upper.. I can’t say it enough. Thank you! xx

See where we started in this kitchen below…

Click [HERE] To see the kitchen when we started.

DIY Trunk Coffee Table

So excited to finally share with you guys today a DIY coffee table that Jose built a few weeks ago that we accidentally forgot to blog. We do that from time to time. Jose is always working on a project of some sort here on the farm & so it seems normal & then we remember oh hey.. maybe someone will want to see that & how you did that! So today I wanted to share with you the DIY trunk coffee table that Jose built for our little gazebo outside…

If you missed it, we blogged how we gave this gazebo a little makeover [HERE] last week. Jose built this table so that we could have storage for our outdoor items like pillows and blankets either when we are not using them or when we want them out of the weather, but also so that we could have a coffee table for our porch as well. I love things with more than one use! Practical & good looking.. just like Jose. This piece would make an amazing toy box, window seat,  & so much more. I personally love it as a coffee table myself inside or outside. He shares all the directions & information you need on how to build one of your own over on our farm blog today TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com [HERE]. I love how he chose to paint this piece as well. Jose has this way of painting pieces that is his own technique and I love how it always turns out different on each piece, but is his own style. Is it fair that he is good at everything? Nope.


Be sure to head on over to let him know what you think of his DIY coffee table. I’ve been sitting here with my feat propped up on this coffee table as much as I can these days. I love how this little gazebo on our porch has become an extension of our house since the weather has warmed up. When you live in a fixer-upper & the whole house is a mess, it’s great to be able to have a spot that feels like an oasis in the middle of chaos & this coffee table Jose built just makes it that much better. Be sure to check out our farm blog [HERE] for more details & for more of our patio sources & into go [HERE]. & also find me on Facebook & Instagram to see what else we are up to. xx

How To Stop Motion Sickness When Traveling

Ok, I have to start out by saying that today is such a weird post for me, but I feel it’s something I must share. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it on here, but I get motion sickness very easily. Like annoyingly easy. Cars, boats, planes, rollercoasters, and so on… it all causes me nausea. It sucks. A few weeks ago when I traveled to North Carolina it hit me like a ton of bricks on the way in & it stuck with me for a few days… I did everything wrong on that trip. I didn’t follow any of my golden rules & immediately regretted it all. So, fast forward to this week when I’m traveling to North Carolina again I decided to stick to my golden rules & test out my theory of how I keep my nausea subdued & thank goodness… it worked! I was able to enjoy my trip to the crystal coast of North Carolina this weekend with Hunter Fan Company while flying in a plane, boating, & long drives in the car. I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this so I couldn’t keep these tips to myself. I know traveling can cause anxiety & nausea can ruin a perfectly good trip so I hope these tips help some of you who struggle with this like I do…

-Hydrate- I always make this mistake. I forget to drink water for days. I know, it’s terrible & a completely bad habit of a working woman who is always on the go. I’ll remember to drink a coffee, but forget the water.. go figure. I have found in my short 29 year that water can cure just about anything. Being hydrated before a flight makes your body feel so much better & really keeps those nauseous inducing headaches away.

-Don’t overeat. For my anxious flyers like me out there this is a no brainer. I’m always so nervous I can’t eat before a flight, but you need to eat a little something. Hydrate and eat some healthy protein filled snacks before a flight so your body can work properly. Carry snacks with you to nibble on during the flight when you start feeling nauseous [salty snacks work great]. My go to is a water bottle & some salted peanuts. Simple but does the job.

-Sea bands. These little guys are a life saver. Not the most fashion forward, but the claim on the sea bands is that you wear them on your wrist and the little ball that is attached to the band hits a pressure point in your wrist that helps keep nausea at bay. You can see them & read more about them [HERE] Honestly I don’t know if it’s a placebo affect, but these little babies actually work for me after I doubted them. I’ve used them many times & have been impressed that they work. Some of those times when I’m already nauseous and some when I’m preparing for things like plane or boat travel. You can find them [HERE] or at your local Target or pharmacy.

-gum. I believe it’s your inner ear that causes nausea and motion sickness, at least that’s what I have read as someone who as suffered from nausea and motion sickness my whole life. & when your ears pop on plains [that’s what I call it at least] it can set your head into total spinning mode. So, pop some gum in your mouth for your whole flight to keep your jaw moving so that your ears remain normal for the flight. If the gum isn’t working & my ears clog I usually try opening my mouth really wide over and over or yawning & that usually does the trick.

-Bonine/ Dramamine. I’m going to preface this one with saying it’s my least favorite one, but I know these medicines work different for everyone. These are anti-nausea medicines [affiliate links HERE & HERE] that when taken an hour before the activity that might make you nauseous can really keep all those feelings away. The only problem for me is that this one makes me have terrible dry mouth & even the non-drowsy makes me so tired that I feel sick. BUT I know these work for other people so I wanted to include it in this list as an option. I still keep these on me when traveling just in case, but not my go-to right away unless all else fails. & if I had to pick one over the other I would pick Bonine for sure.

-Ibuprofen. Nausea and headaches seem to go hand in hand for me when traveling. Once a headache comes on I’m nauseous so Ibuprofen is my go to for headaches because it doesn’t upset my stomach and makes those annoying little headaches go away so there isn’t any unnecessary nausea.

-Pepto. This is my new favorite one. I always thought pepto was for when you had the flu, but seriously the instant I start feeling a nauseous belly coming on I take pepto and it’s been a miracle worker for me. I prefer the chewable tablets [HERE], but it does come in a liquid form as well. Again, medicines work different for everyone, but this one has been a wonderful friend of mine lately when flying.

-Don’t read. Listen to books/podcast/movies. Really just don’t look at a screen. Funny story, I’m actually typing this to you while on the plane home right now & I’m actually thinking I should wrap it up because I’m feeling a little dizzy looking at the screen. This one is probably different for everyone, but I feel like it’s. a safer option for me to not read.

-close your eyes and try to get some zzz’s- This one is on and off for me as well, but sometimes I feel like it’s best for me to just sleep on the plane to pass the time, not think about the flight, calm my nerves, and I think that being rested is best for keeping nausea away. The only side note to this is I don’t know about you, but sometimes naps can make me nauseas or brain on neck cramps etc. so this one sometimes backfires, but hey… at least you gots some shut eye!

-Talk It Out. On the last plane I was on before this one it was so turbulent & it was one of those prop planes where I kept losing my stomach. It could have been bad, but I met the sweetest lady who sat next to me and we got into a really deep conversation & I was so focused on her that when I started to feel sick it almost went away because I didn’t start to panic about feeling sick. Focusing on conversation, music, or anything other than your nausea can truly help get rid of that “nausea panic” that always makes it worse.

-Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe & relax. Sometimes I get so worked up about my travel plans and the anxiety just brings on tons of nausea which makes me so mad because the nausea starts before we even take off. So, breathe, relax, & try not to think about the travel or what might happen.

Now with doing all this I still felt moments of dizziness like when I was climbing up 207 steps up a spiral staircase in the lighthouse this weekend or when I was on a really rough flight on a prop plane, BUT it wasn’t unbearable and I felt like I was in control of it which is very important. I hope some of these tips help you guys & for all my nauseous travelers, you are not alone! If you have any helpful tips please share them below for me & everyone else who struggles with this to read. I will be doing a whole re-cap of my trip soon, but I had to quick share all this with you guys today. Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my little blog today & safe travels!

Some anti-nausea meds I love & want to try…

*There are some affiliate links in this post, but as always all opinions are my very own.

DIY Moss Ball Topiaries

A few years ago, probably like 5, I made some DIY topiaries [HERE]. It was one of my first blog posts that didn’t suck. I mean, they all kind of suck in some way because I never spell check, re-read the posts, & I’m not a perfectionist in anyway, but you guys seem to not hate me for it & for that I love you. Anyways, for those DIY topiaries I took the time to create my own moss balls for each topiary & burned my fingers more than I probably should have, but they turned out pretty decent. Mind you back then to take photos for the blog I didn’t really ever style anything or make it pretty for the blog which makes me laugh looking back at how much I have changed, but none the less… it was a project really anyone could do. Well, this week, I’ve created an even EASIER DIY topiary using some moss balls that we carry at our shop, some wooden dowel rods, floral foam, a vase, & a tiny bit of moss….

Seriously it’s sad how easy these guys were to make, but they. Add a pop of charm to our tiny guest bedroom that desperately needed some cottage style greenery. Ok here are a few steps on how to make these easy little DIY Moss Ball topiaries…

1. Buy your moss balls [one small & one large for each topiary], moss for the bottom, a vase, some floral foam [any foam will do it just needs to hold the dowel in place in the vase], a wooden dowel, & some stain or paint depending on how you want the rod to look like.
2. Stain or paint the rod & allow time to dry. Cut it to your desired height.
3. Your moss ball that you get should have a foam center to make this super easy, but all you have to do is feed the dowel through the center of the moss balls. One large moss ball & one small moss ball on each rod.
4. With the small moss ball on top & the large moss ball on the bottom feed the dowel into the foam filled vase. To put foam in these round metal containers we put the vase on top of a foam block we got from Michaels & pushed down like a cookie cutter. Bonus: to make the container super sturdy & so it won’t tip you can add rocks or something heavy at the bottom before you add your foam. This vase was also from our shop, but they are also at as well.
5. The rod with the topiaries should be standing up at this point without any wiggle room, but you can always fill in the gaps with hot glue, we did not have this issue at all. Now you an lay your moss on top of the styrofoam to make it pretty. You can either glue it down or tuck it in the sides so it’s seamless.. I know you will find the best way for you.


That’s it. Five easy steps for some DIY lovely topiaries. Now of course there are so many different moss balls out there & I wish we could ship them from our shop, but we are unable to even keep them in stock so I’m sure you can find some on the internet or at your local craft stores, but you could always go with my original DIY & create your own you crafty people! Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & for always coming to visit the blog no matter what season of life we are in, I can’t tell you how much that means to me & my family. Thank you!


Guest Bedroom Barn Door

On Tuesday didn’t I just post about an item that I had lying around forever that I had plans for? Well, we did it again. We finally hung something this week that I have been holding onto for well over a year or two. It’s large & gorgeous, & if my dad hadn’t stopped me I would have hung it as an exterior door to our house. But my dad is a very wise man & this time I listened to him. I also wanted to keep out the cold winters in our drafty farmhouse & I’m not sure this door would have done that. So, I hung it inside & it’s now our new door to our guest bedroom….

There she is! Ok, she’s unfinished, but she is looking amazing so far! This room has been kind of a hodge podge of projects.. for example I ripped up the carpet & didn’t put any flooring down to replace it, but just laid a rug down for now. I also half painted the walls, but now I have decided to do another wall treatment yet I hung things on the walls before I do the wall treatment.. I’m a mess guys & so is the room, but I have a vision & know it will be pretty one day. & now we have our barn door hung! How cool is that? I think I found this door in an old barn one day right when we moved to Michigan & it’s been my favorite door ever. As far as guest bedroom privacy? We’ve talked about frosting the glass, hanging a curtain, & also who knows when we will have guests over, but this side of the house probably wouldn’t be used when they were here anyways so it might not matter because they can shut the door beyond this one for privacy if that makes sense. Actually I haven’t cleaned the glass yet so the dirt is adding privacy at this point haha.. sad but true. Anyways, that’s for a later day… for now the door is hung & I’m happy. Here is what the other side looks like from inside the room. I love the pop of green in the room & just by hanging the door it has motivated me to work on this room and get it finished…..

The door needs some hardware & I still need to take the other door off the hinges and throw it out. There will also be another sliding barn door in this room as well on the other side that connects to the bathroom off this room.. sliding barn doors help save space in a room & also add a touch of charm which is perfect for this little space. Now I need to decide on flooring. I’m thinking tile maybe? Or wood planks. I can’t decide. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, what do you think of our door so far? It’s turning out pretty good if you ask me! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram as well to chat. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today! xx



Front Porch Gazebo Makeover

There is one spot in this farmhouse that was a HUGE selling point for me. The front porch gazebo. I loved how unique it made the house, how wonderful it was to sit in it with its high ceilings and rounded exterior, & I pictured our kid getting married under it some day. It really is truly magical. Anyways, this winter we had it all pretty with a Christmas tree & tons of snow, but when January hit it was automatically ugly & kind of in rough shape again. The truth is, the gazebo needs a lot of work, some of the spindles are falling off & some porch boards need to be replaced, but in the mean time we wanted to do a little refresh on it & this is what we came up with with some help from good old Joss & Main who we partnered with for this project…



The gazebo before….

& a few hours later….

Before again…

& after…

What a crazy difference huh?! It’s so awesome what an hour or two and some new home decor can do for a space. To give this space a quick and easy makeover we first swept down the whole area & laid down a rug that I had in our storage room. We removed the old light fixture & hung this light fixture up [HERE] We then got down to the fun part of adding in all the lovely decor & styling the space at one of my all time favorite spots for style & savings…

I like to shop Joss & Main with every new season change because of the fresh new items they put out at that time & let’s face it the prices are great! Last fall & winter I started shopping with Joss & Main & now that it’s spring again I found myself back on their website. I got this patio set [HERE] as seen above for less than $400 & it came complete with two chairs, a sofa, a coffee table, & the outdoor cushions in the cream color. I am obsessed with it. The only con I would say about the set is it is a little smaller than I thought it was going to be, but it ended up being perfect because any bigger & it would have been too much for in our small gazebo space. I also got the small white buffet [HERE] with a few pots [HERE] that I plan on planting succulents in once my current succulents start having babies haha. I love how aged those pots look already & seem like they’ve been on the farm forever. That pom blanket [HERE] is so cozy & has been used many many times already because it’s been quite chilly here in Michigan, but we’ve also wanted to utilize this gazebo now that it’s looking all pretty. To add a little privacy to our gazebo since you can see the road from it, we added this faux boxwood willow lattice [HERE] to the front & it adds a little charm & actually a whole lot of privacy which surprised me! The finishing touch was some greens from our store, The Found Cottage, from our lovely vendor Passiflora.

All in all this was a super quick way to spruce up our porch for spring & I’m sure I will be updating it tons as we head into the summer months here, but it’s finally looking alive again after winter & I’m so happy about that. A porch really extends the house & if you guys saw the huge mess we have going on in there right now with renovations, you would know how nice it is to have this little outdoor retreat area. You can see [HERE] how we weather-proofed this area so that everything will stay looking fresh & new. Want to spruce up your outdoor spaces? Joss & Main teamed up with me to give away To enter, simply snap a picture of your spring front porch, patio, or backyard and tag @jossandmain and #designtheoutdoors to enter. Winner will be chosen on 7/1 to win a $500 shopping spree to Joss & Main. You could get the patio set we have and a few more items for that amount.. how cool is that? Anyways, I would love to see your outdoor spaces so tag me on Instagram so I can check them out! Thank you so so so much for stopping by the blog today & for checking out our front gazebo spring refresh! xx


Some more sources for the space:

Click [HERE] to see our back patio makeover a few houses ago.


Antique Chicken Feeder Plate Rack

You’ve probably seen this one thousand times across pinterest & social media. A chicken feeder that holds plates. Rewind to about two years ago when I bought a giant chicken feeder at a flea market & raced home to put some plates in it in our last home. What do you know when I got home the chicken feeder fit no where. Not on our kitchen cupboard as planned, not on our dining room table, not anywhere. Story of my life. My design eye is usually bigger than my spaces, but the dream still stayed alive & when we moved I dragged that chicken feeder along with me. We’ve lived here for almost a year, but the other day after we moved this buffet here in the dining room I finally dug out my chicken feeder & by golly it fit…

Yup! She found a home. & I have a few tips if you want to use a chicken feeder as a plate holder in your home. First… you are going to want to power wash that sucker. I mean, chickens ate & did other things around it. This one was super clean when I got it, but it still got washed. A few times. After that I sealed it with some spray polyurethane so that everything on the piece was sealed up. This piece isn’t holding our everyday dishes that we eat off, but it is holding some pretty special dishes to me. I started collecting some ironstone about a year ago & this is some of the plates that I have & display them here. I love the combination of ironstone and the chicken feeder so much.

I like sharing the big things with you guys here on the blog, but sometimes it’s the littlest things that show us where we are & how far our journey has taken us. Sometimes living in a fixer upper house that is torn up from top to bottom can be annoying, but honestly this chicken feeder this week reminded me that we are living our dream, in our dream house, with our dream chicken feeder.. haha it’s the truth! Anyways, I’m so glad you stopped by the blog today & I’m so grateful for each and every one of you who follow our journey here on the blog each day. Now the question is.. what do you do with your antique chicken feeders? I must know! xx




Farmhouse Style Tiered Trays

Super affordable farmhouse style tiered trays - A must pin & great blog for farmhouse style & cottage style decor inspiration!

Affiliate links to all the trays shown above: 1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// 8//

Or shop the above trays and more below…

Super affordable farmhouse style tiered trays - A must pin & great blog for farmhouse style & cottage style decor inspiration! Super affordable farmhouse style tiered trays - A must pin & great blog for farmhouse style & cottage style decor inspiration!

Update on our current kitchen… we still don’t have one. Womp womp. I have a feeling this is going to be a very long process, but like most times in my life when I’m forced to wait for something I just know that it’s just going to make it that much sweeter. I can’t wait to have a kitchen here in the farmhouse that has cabinets, new windows, and is pretty with no leaks! That is going to be a wonderful day. Until then I’m daydreaming all day everyday about how I will decorate our new kitchen. Today I was browsing the web for tiered trays & If found a bunch on Amazon that were super affordable so I thought I would share them with you guys today so we can all daydream together. Actually I think I need one of these just to start collecting things for our kitchen.. which one is your favorite? I love 2, 4, & 8 the most I think. You can shop by clicking the corresponding numbers under the photo collage of tiered trays or by clicking the small individual photos as well where I included more trays than are shown in the collage. I one of the #8 trays in our dining room [shown above] now which I absolutely adore & have styled it in two of our homes now, It has such a great finish on it & can hold so much! Maybe we need one more in our kitchen… we will see! I can’t wait to share more kitchen progress with you guys soon. Thank you for stopping by the blog today & sharing it with your friends & family, it means the world to me! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram to chat more. xx

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White Cottage Farm – The Unseen Footage Pt. 1

I shared on my Instagram stories a few days ago about how there are so many places in our  1800’s farmhouse that I never show you guys. There’s basically the whole upstairs the laundry room, the guest bedroom, our master bedroom, all of our bathrooms, and one very large hallway upstairs that I’ve really never shown on the blog because we haven’t done anything to those spaces yet and they’re just not my favorite. And let’s face it they’re mostly all a mess. So, today I thought I would start a new series here on the blog called white cottage farm ‘the unseen footage’ where I share things that you don’t usually see in my every day blog posts and social media posts whether it’s rooms that we are not currently working on, rooms that haven’t been touched since the 1980s, or just parts of the farm that you haven’t seen yet that I thought that you might enjoy. Today I thought we would start in the upstairs hallway. It may seem like an unlikely place to start or a really uneventful area of the home, but it’s actually one of my favorite places in this house for many reasons…

This hallway is what you see when you come up the stairs to the second level of our farmhouse from the front entryway and the front living room. It connects the bedrooms and the bathrooms. When you walk up the stairs you pass my favorite mora clock as you climb the carpeted stairs that are now stained & ready to be ripped up. The first thing you are greeted with when you get to the top is some windows with a beatiful view of the farm & a whole lot of wall paper. First of all, I love how long of a hallway this is. Want to know why I really love it? Because I see the potential in it. I see what it could look like. Honestly this is the one area right now that I don’t mind the wall paper. Paired with the lights I think it’s charming. I imagine the history this part of the house had since the 1840’s when it was built & I kind of wish I knew what it looked like in its original state. But one day I see it lined in shiplap or another wall treatment in a bright white with farmhouse style lights mounted to the walls. I see our kids running down the hallway from their bedroom to ours. I see it all & I love it. This area is going to be one crazy before and after project when we finally get to it.






The funny part about this space is when the painters were here to paint the front living room that is right at the bottom of these stairs they moved up into this space as well and painted the railings which now look totally out of place up here being bright white. As you go down the stairs you will walk into the front living room, the front entryway & the stairs lead directly towards the dining room as shown here…

So, there is today’s “unseen footage” of White Cottage Farm. It’s very floral & I can’t wait to put our touches on it. & did you catch that room at the end of the hallway with the blue carpet? That’s more unseen footage for another day…I truly hope this new series gives you a new perspective on the farm we live on, gets you excited for future projects, & let’s you know what’s beyond all those normal shots I’m sharing daily with you guys. Thank you guys for stopping by the blog today. I hope you enjoy this new series to really get behind the scenes & get a glimpse beyond the pretty footage I’m usually showing. Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook & chat with me on Instagram. Xx


Come take a video tour of what our farmhouse look like before when we first moved in…

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How To Have A Green Thumb – Caring For your Plants

If you have learned anything from my blog before, you should know that I don’t have a green thumb. I really don’t. BUT as with every year of my life I try new things & try to better myself so I’ve slowly started to train my green thumb & thankfully I have the help from some of my friends. I met an amazing woman this year by the name of Angie from Passiflora. How I met her was pretty amazing… She called the store one day & I happened to be there. When I picked up the phone I heard this bubbly woman on the other end asking about selling her plants in our shop. My first thought was “Wow, no one can be that nice.” & my second thought was “Wow, our shop could use some greenery & someone with so much joy.” We set up a meeting & when she came in I discovered she really is that nice, she really is that bubbly, & she really is just pure joy. She is now part of The Found Cottage family & I look forward to seeing her and her lovely mom come into the shop to drop off plants. This week they came to the farm to hang out with me & see the house & bring some lovely plants & topiaries to liven up our porch. We also talked about some great tips to keep the plants happy & healthy so I thought I would pass along some tips that she shared with you guys because I know I’m not the only one who could use a little help with their green thumb. Here are 5 super quick tips she shared…

#1. Bright light. “Green” plants just need bright light near a window. If its a blooming plant, 4-6 hours of sunshine is required for flowers.  Some other light notes: Full sun plants thrive in direct sunlight all day, some sun/part shade plants should be in at least 4 hours of sun, part shade plants should be in filtered sun, & Full shade should be out of light all day as the sun can injure the plant.

#2 Moisture. Homes & outside environments vary with humidity, furnaces, etc so adequate water us important. Water daily just enough to keep the soil moist & your plant will be happy. Don’t be like me & forget about your plants for a week!

#3 Trimming vs. Training. Plants that require “haircuts” to maintain shape include boxwood Honeysuckle, rosemary, lavender, myrtle,  flowering maple, basil, olive, euonymus, lemon cypress and santolina. Plants that like to be “trained” with the help of twist ties include angel vine, ivy, creeping fig, rosemary and goldfish plant.

#4 Transplanting. When a plant becomes root-bound (you tend to see roots coming to surface) its time to move into a bigger pot, typically 1″ bigger in diameter.

#5 Fertilize.  To get the your plant to the fullest potential you can choose to fertilize once a month with a water soluble fertilizer. This will give you a better chance at having super happy plants.

Those are just five tips she shared… I would LOVE to hear your best plant tip!! Share them with everyone below in the comments, on Facebook, & on Instagram. Can’t wait to hear from you! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & for sharing the post with your friends and family. xx

Guest Bedroom Walls: To Wallpaper or No?

I think the biggest piece of advice I can give you when designing a space is to take photos periodically and look at the room in a photograph to see how it’s coming along. Sometimes when you look at the space in a photograph it helps give you a fresh perspective on where to go from that point & what to change. Photographs don’t lie. Well, when I shared our guest bedroom progress the other day here on the blog, I hated how the room looked. It looked flat & dull to me. Now, I know the room wasn’t done and we still had things to change, but it got me thinking about a wall treatment. Shiplap? Board & Batten? Wall paper? I just don’t know. So, like I do everyday I come to you guys to see what you think…

So I’m thinking of a statement wall on this wall behind the daybed. I’m not one for statement walls usually, but in this guest bedroom I’m considering it. So let’s talk about what to do in this room on this wall….

Shiplap wallpaper…

You can find it [HERE]

This wallpaper looks like worn and old shiplap which is quite amazing. I think it would be a fun statement & super unique compared to the cleaner shiplap we have in the rest of the house. Also, I was going for a garden/greenhouse look for this space & I think this would bring that vibe into the space.

Watercolor check wallpaper…

You can find this wall paper [HERE]

I love this look with the black check & I’m just drawn to the contrast that it would give the room. This one would obviously be a huge change for me & add a lot more drama. But again I feel like this would give an awesome garden vibe to the room that I have been wanting. I showed it in gray as well, but if I choose this I feel like I would go more with the black.. but which one do you like better?

Skinny lap wall paper….

You can find this wall paper [HERE]

Now, this is something I haven’t done & would be fun to do! Skinny-lap which is basically just skinnier shiplap boards. I would most likely do it in white & I think being done on one wall would really make it look more authentic? I would love to hear your thoughts on that! It comes in white & gray & I would most likely go with white [bottom photo].


How to shiplap a wall [HERE]

This was the office in our last room with shiplap on the walls. Do we go with regular shiplap on the wall? It’s the safe route so I kind of love that idea.

Board & Batten….

Board and Batten, like shown in the photo above, would be a super easy wall treatment, but it would add a tiny bit more texture on the walls. All I would have to do is attach the boards to the walls & put another coat of paint on the walls.

Bead Board…



Beadboard is something that I’ve wanted to add to our cottage style farmhouse & I think this room would be an amazing room to start using this element. It would add a lot of texture and  be a very classic look for our farmhouse.

Let me know what you want to see in the guest bedroom…

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Here was my mood board for this space…

You can see this mood board & all the sources [HERE]

Simple Glass Jug & Branch Spring Centerpiece

I had some friends over to the house today & as they were looking at the work we were getting done I commented about how my mood is a product of my surroundings. I truly which it wasn’t, but it is. & that got me thinking… I think that’s why I decorate spaces even if it’s temporary.. even if we are about to rip it up and re- do it.. & yes even if it’s a rental home and we are only living in it for 6 months, I will paint the bathrooms & re- do them. Yes, I did that. My mind is just so much more clear when I’m surrounded by pretty spaces, but that being said.. it doesn’t have to be crazy complicated, crazy expensive, or even crazy beautiful to make me happy. It can be the most simple thing on the planet like this simple spring centerpiece that is currently in our dining room….

I had these antique jugs lying around the house that I have collected over time & I wanted something simple & dramatic on the dining room table so I placed them in no particular order in the center of our antique farmhouse table & put some unruly branches that I picked up from our shop in the bottles to give that unkept and freshly picked off the farm vibe. It’s honestly that simple. Some bottles & some branches, but it’s perfect for that spring vibe in any room on any table. I’m all about bringing the indoors inside & what better way to celebrate those budding trees outside.

It’s crazy what two simple little elements can do huh? Like I said, it doesn’t have to be complicated & crazy to make a beautiful statement. The rooms just beyond this one are a crazy mess with construction, but while all that is going on at least this little dining room is looking pretty for spring. I have to know.. do you feel like some of your mood is dictated by the spaces around you? I’m wondering if I’m alone on this. Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by my blog today! xx