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Our Trip To North Carolina & Some Big News!

As some of you may have seen, Jose & I headed to North Carolina last week & visited where he was stationed for 10 years of his time in the Marine Corps. Even though it was so fun to visit where we used to live & moved away from 2 years ago, the trip actually wasn’t for that. We went to visit The House Of Silk Flowers that is based out of Beaufort North Carolina & guys… it was amazing!

So back up a few weeks ago when I got this email from them about partnering together on a new line of florals… yes.. you read that right, more on that later! When I got the email I was so shocked that this little place in Eastern North Carolina where we lived for so many years held this plant that made florals for Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Wayfair, & more… who knew?! Of course Jose and I took the opportunity to go visit them & last week Wednesday we landed in NewBern where our lives began together so many years ago & it felt like we had never left. Of course things had changed, but every site [even the gas stations] were a walk down memory lane & we kept finding ourselves pointing things out as we drove. How it took us two years to go back there I have no idea. Anyways Bill & his lovely wife Kristie, the owners of House of Silk Flowers, picked us up at the airport & the strangest thing was I felt like we had known each other forever… for example: When we left the airport the first thing we all went and did was test drive a Jeep to Starbucks… I mean? Really? You had us at Jeep & coffee. The entire weekend was like that, they took us in like we were family. We had lots of Starbucks chats, we visited Bill’s sister’s lovely home to have a Lebanese feast that was out of this world, & we even had sushi at their house on the ocean on Easter day… the whole experience was wonderful. It’s so awesome to love a company for their product, but to find out the owners are some of the most amazing down to earth people you have ever met & to learn how much passion and love is driving their business is just the icing on the cake.

The next few days while we were there consisted of us touring the House Of Silk Flowers facility where they hand make all of the arrangements… yes, hand make them! We got to see all of the arrangements from just the pot to the full floral arrangement & being shipped out to the customers. The whole process was so interesting & I captured some of it on my Instagram stories. If you missed those, here are a few quick videos I captured of the process I saw while visiting….

From filling the pots with foam and moss…


To building up the plants & making them pretty…

ps. That is Bill, the owner, fluffing plants in his factory at the end of this video…

To packing them safely to go to their destinations…

Another big thing we did while visiting the HOS facility is spend a lot of time in the showroom where they had tons of examples of arrangements & florals to view. We walked around and I pulled examples of things that I loved for inspiration for a new line I will be coming out with them soon… I’m so excited to announce that & share this experience with you guys. The process is still in the newborn stages, but I will be taking you guys on the entire journey from the planning to the big launch! This is just the beginning… our little journey to NewBern & visit with probably the nicest people I have ever met in my life.

I say this all the time, but I’m very particular about things that I put my hands on when it comes to Liz Marie Blog & turn down many many things unless they fit perfectly into what my brand is, & guys after this trip & learning more about this company, I think this is a great fit & that you guys will be excited what comes with our collaboration. Can’t wait to share more soon as soon as it happens… Thank you guys for stopping by the blog & for supporting me in big & small ways. You can shop House of Silk flowers on their website, Amazon, Wayfair, & be sure to check the tags on plants next time you stop at Home Goods & TJ Maxx. After visiting their shop I now have a whole new appreciation for the plants & all the work that goes into each one. xx


Ikea Sofa Slipcover Makeover

I get SO MANY questions daily about our sectional in our back living room & about the sofas we had in our last house. Well, they are all from Ikea & I blogged my review [HERE] about them. We’ve had our Ikea sectional for a few years now & I truly love how cozy it is & that’s why we have it set up in the new house as well now. The only thing was I wanted to give it a little makeover.. not a huge one, but a little one to give it a new look for the new space. That’s when I discovered Bemz.Com after searching for “Ikea slipcovers” online. & let me tell you for all my friends out there who have any Ikea furniture, you are going to kiss me for this one!!

Bemz.Com creates slipcovers for Ikea products with over 250 fabric options.. holy crap! To me that sounded overwhelming & then I thought, who am I kidding… show me all the whites and neutrals & I will pick from those. Am I right? So I ordered some fabric samples from Bemz.Com & they came in the mail super quick. It was fun to see all the colors & quality in person…

I fell in love with the natural linen colors naturally & even though I’m not straying too far from the color we have right now, the linen is going to be a great change from the current fabric. I’m obsessed with how linen gives that cozy farmhouse vibe & I’m excited to get that vibe on our Ikea Ektorp sectional in our back living room. I’m thinking we will either go with the true white linen or the wheat colored linen, more on that later!

I will be ordering the slipcover this week & I CAN’T WAIT to show you guys the new slipcover on our sectional when we get it in & give you my full review on the product and process. I’ve dreamed of finding slipcover options for our Ikea furniture for a while so I’m super pumped that I finally found someone. Which fabric would you choose? Which is your favorite? You can click [HERE] to go to the website to play with all the different fabrics on my sofa which is pretty fun. Let me know what you guys think & I look forward to hearing from you here on Instagram, Facebook, & in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by the blog!! xx


Farmhouse Decor From Ikea

A few weeks ago on my 29th birthday I did what most people in their late 20’s do… go to Ikea for a fun filled day of shopping for our home. Isn’t that what the cool kids do? Well, I’ve never been a cool kid so I guess that doesn’t matter. Jose & I learned a valuable tip: Never go to Ikea on a rainy Saturday, you will be taken away by a sea of people throwing pillows & shopping for sofas. It was a mad house. None the less we had a great time & we found a few farmhouse decor & I thought I would share some of those finds with you guys here on the blog today…

Farmhouse Decor From Ikea - The best farmhouse finds from Ikea styled in a farmhouse.
Here are the above items as Jose wrote on our farm blog, TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com:

This faux Murraya is great on each side of the entryway inside or out. Also with proper scaling these look great on the top step of the porch. [Link Here]

Looking for a potter for the Murraya above, put it in this galvanized plant pot. [Link Here]

Finish out the look with this metal watering can. This piece adds just another level of detail to the design, and if you have any real plants around it can do what it’s meant for. [Link Here]

This light is one of my favorite buys from the IKEA trip. This over-sized metal lamp is a wonderful anchor to any space. [Link Here]

This dish towel fits in perfect with any farmhouse style, one day when we our kitchen renovation is over, we will fully be able to use them. [Link Here]

We picked up a few of these vases and have them placed around the house with flowers in hopes of speeding up this cold weather March and bring spring in. [Link Here]

Lastly, we bought three of these cushions for the three white metal chairs we have at our dinning room table. [Link Here]

& here are some of the items styled in our home now. We don’t have them all styled, but most of them & I caught a few shots with my cell phone today to share with you guys how well Ikea decor fits into our 1800’s farmhouse…

Some boxwood tress on our back stoop & by our front door along with the metal buckets & black watering can.

The chair pads on our white metal chairs in the dining room. The chair pads add a cozy farmhouse vibe & also make the metal chairs a little more comfortable.

Some of the tea towels in our dining room.. so pretty that we can even keep the drawer open. The tea towels there are so cheap, I highly recommend buying a whole bunch on your next trip to Ikea. Also those lovely greens in those pots are Ikea as well… I also recommend picking up a ton of those on  your next Ikea trip to place in all your vignettes in your home.

& lastly those clear glass jars styled on top of our piano as you can see above. They are the perfect vintage inspired vase for any room, & again, super affordable! Also, that sectional is Ikea as well which we’ve had for years & love!  I’ll share more of our Ikea finds soon, but for now these are working great in our fixer upper. As you know most of our house is in complete demo mode so it’s so nice to have a few areas semi-decorated in the mean time & doing it on a budget is pretty easy with these farmhouse finds from Ikea. What are some of your favorite finds from Ikea lately? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! It means the world to me! xx

We’re Getting A Coffee Bar!

Ok, maybe the title didn’t need an exclamation mark, but I’m a little too excited. You see since we moved in to this farmhouse last June I’ve been wanting a coffee bar in our back living room so bad. The reason I even had the idea to have one was because there was a sink in the back living room in a tiny dresser that I imagine the previous owner used to water her plants or something perfect like that, but all I saw when I saw plumbing in living room… COFFEE BAR. So, here we are, finally starting our coffee bar & I had shared a little sneak peek on social media, but I knew I had to quick pop in here on the blog & share with all of you guys what we are up to even if it’s not done quite yet…

DIY Coffee bar- the beginning of a coffee bar in a farmhouse living room with a cottage decor vibe.

DIY Coffee bar- the beginning of a coffee bar in a farmhouse living room with a cottage decor vibe.

There she is! Ok, so we actually got these two pieces of furniture a long time ago at the beginning of the winter with the intent to make it into a coffee bar. We finally got the chance in the past few weeks to stack the two pieces on top of each other & replace the old dresser/sink combo with this big beautiful baby. I plan to keep coffee mugs in the cupboards above the coffee bar & store coffee & tea items below in the cupboards. The sink was an antique find & DON’T ASK Jose about how hard it was to put that thing in… it wasn’t fun, but it was so worth it. We have no hardware yet, but I’m thinking I need to order this set here…

DIY Coffee bar- the beginning of a coffee bar in a farmhouse living room with a cottage decor vibe.

You can find it [HERE] on Amazon. What do you think of it? I think it will give it that perfect vintage vibe & also be high up enough where I can fit pots/cups under it without struggling. Since the sink is a sideboard sink, I plan to keep the coffee maker on the tray portion & some coffee accessories. I’m sure once we start using the bar it will all fall naturally how we want it organized.

DIY Coffee bar- the beginning of a coffee bar in a farmhouse living room with a cottage decor vibe.

DIY Coffee bar- the beginning of a coffee bar in a farmhouse living room with a cottage decor vibe.

Anyways… we are almost up & running! I want to hang that coffee sign I picked up at our shop, The Found Cottage, above the coffee bar, put in the faucet, & do some more little things & voila.. we will have a coffee bar! When it’s finished & running I will be back on a full post with a tutorial and all the finished details. As you read [HERE] last week we are slowly doing projects in our back living room & this is a big one we can almost check off the list. What do you guys think of our coffee bar so far? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today!! xx


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Kitchen Renovation: Shiplap Wall Complete

Today was an exciting day at the farmhouse! This may seem trivial to most, but we finally have something done in our kitchen renovation that we started months ago. If you remember at the beginning of this week I shared on here our plans to cover up the stone wall that anchors one side of our kitchen. To my surprise most of you didn’t want to throw those rocks at me! I truly thought it was going to be majorly controversial, but even those who loved the rock wall were kind & I’m so thankful fro that! I know we all may have different opinions & that makes life so interesting & it’s so cool when we can share what we love & respect everyones differences. Well, as of today the shiplap wall is up & the rock wall is covered. The kitchen as I envisioned it is finally taking shape…



& how it looks now today…

We used the same shiplap that we used in our dining room & kitchen that we got from West Michigan Lumbar here local to us & our good friend Denny who has been helping us with some of the kitchen renovations installed it for us. Now all the wall needs is some paint, but that will wait until we get the other side of the kitchen done, ceilings finished, & some more things that need to be done before paint. The plan right now is to put double sliding barn doors to enclose the indoor grill that is in that opening in the wall & to have a cabinet/buffet on the wall adjacent to the grill for storage & counter space. More on all those details later. The major hold up in the space right now is the windows and the sunroom with the leak that we found. We need to replace all the windows in the sunroom/kitchen & need to figure out the best way to go about doing that & fix any damage & prevent future damage in the process. The windows will make the biggest impact in the whole space I just know it!! Now I can’t wait to paint! Hoping to make some more kitchen progress this weekend so we can paint asap. Ok, I hope you liked this update & are excited as I am for the wall! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! xx

Cottage Greenhouse Guest Bedroom


Want to know what’s really like me to do? To start a room without a plan. I seriously just realized I do it every time. Not when I’m assisting others with their homes, but when I’m doing my own.. I just start the demo process & fly by the seat of my pants. It’s the way I roll & I guess it works for me, but It’s hard to convey to others what I’m thinking when I roll that way. Well, we have the whole lower level guest bedroom torn up & I started painting it, so I thought I would share the inspiration board I just threw together for the space now that we have it all torn up. Because why would I have this plan when I started? If you follow me on Instagram [HERE] I’ve been sharing tons of house progress in my Instagram stories & I’ve been sharing lots of video updates  as I work in that room.. I’ll be sharing more of the process on here soon, but for now I just wanted to share a little bit of what is in my brain as far as inspiration here on the blog with you guys. I started with some carpet ties from Flor.Com & built off of there. I really wanted to bring a cottage greenhouse vibe to the space with buffalo check, lots of greenery, an awning over the window, metal accents, a white daybed piled high with cottage linens, & so on. This room will mainly be used as a sitting room, guest room, & also a workout room. So it will be serving a lot of purposes & I want it to feel inspiring, fresh, & full of life.

Shop the inspiration board above with affiliate links to the individual products below:

This is just some inspiration for the vibe of the room. A lot of details were left out, but I will be back with those as we go. I’m excited to share the progress of the room & my vision as we go. I’ll be back later this week with how the room looks now. I ripped out the carpet, closet doors, & some other things out of the room this week so it’s already looking like a whole new room! Let me know what you think of the vision in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. I look forward to hearing from you! xx

I used [THESE] tufted chairs above, but here are some cheaper options…

Shop all these tufted chairs above [HERE]

The New Deconstructed Chair

I wanted to introduce you guys to a new [very old] chair that I got last week from a good friend of mine. My friend Holly sells at our shop, The Found Cottage, & every time she comes to drop stuff off at the shop I want it all. Like, really. I want it all. Well, last week when she dropped off at the shop I spotted a chair of my dreams that she had re-covered & I about died. I took some quick cell phone photos of it today in our back living room to show you…

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with the deconstructed chair look. Like, really obsessed so this chair caught my eye right away. I also had been looking for a chair to go in this back living room area that we just kind of threw together last week to pair with our Ikea sectional & so when this baby showed up it was a match made in heaven. I love how this chair gives a casual cottage/farmhouse vibe to the space. Holly sent me some of the before photos of how this chair looked before she worked on it & I was amazed…

& how it looks today in our living room after tons of hard work & love…

A lot of you may know Holly from Hollyhocks & Hydrangeas as I’ve talked about her many times here on the blog. I shared her DIY window greenhouse last summer here on the blog & a lot of you were obsessed with it like me. She’s a creative soul & truly inspires me daily. Anyways on to this chair, Holly used a mix of vintage fabric from grain sacks  & a ticking stripe blue an white fabric to upholster the chair after stripping all of the old fabric off. I love this mix of fabric between the ottoman and the chair & think it’s pure perfection. I feel like this chair looks like it could have been a piece that we found in our 1800’s farmhouse & that’s pretty cool in my book. I love all the exposed wood detail mixed in with the fabric combination. It’s just the perfect little chair for this space.

 Bonus? It’s comfortable too. Which is quite important as well. Just ask Bella & Bear. This room is far from finished, but in the mean time we are making it look great before we can start the demo on the flooring because you know that’s how we roll around here. Oh, and that pillow on the chair? That was made by another one of my friends in our shop, Sue from Fabric Scout Studio. What do you guys think about our new [old] chair? I know this look isn’t for everyone, but I think my heart melts every time I see one. Holly did such a great job giving this chair a makeover & having work from your friends in your home is quite special. Thank you guys for stopping by the blog today & be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx


Check out Holly’s DIY window greenhouse [HERE]

Kitchen Makeover- Bye Rock Wall

This may be one of those controversial posts here on my blog. You know the ones that cause a divide because of varying opinions. But thankfully we are a peaceful people that agree to disagree on things & remain friends because of our common ground on other things right? haha.. right? You guys know that we are in the thick of re-doing our kitchen.. as in the entire thing is demolished & we are starting from scratch. Well, almost. At this point we do think we will be keeping the original cabinets.. more on that later. BUT on the other side of the room we are covering something up that many in our lives were pretty against…

Yup, we are hiding that rock wall. It’s actually happening right at this moment. This wall is on the opposite side of the kitchen that you always see lately in my kitchen demo updates. Let’s rewind. Jose & I debated this since we moved in. Honestly I don’t hate it & Jose actually kind of liked it, but the moment I wasn’t “in love” with it was when I found out it wasn’t original to the house. It was actually put into the farmhouse in the 1980’s & that’s when I wasn’t needing it anymore, but we still didn’t really think of covering it. Natural stone is great & I know a lot of people love it & want it in their homes, but for some reason stone has just never been my thing no matter what kind of stone it is. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when we were in the thick of the demo in our kitchen where Jose & I both agreed that it would be better for our design & vibe of the room to cover the wall…

We decided to go with a “temporary wall” situation made with some framing & shiplap that we could remove if we ever wanted to reveal the rock wall again. We will be sharing more details & how this wall was created when it’s all done in a future post. Our good friend Denny who I mentioned before here on the blog is actually helping us with this wall. Our time has been a little limited lately & he has been so helpful by moving along our kitchen project a little faster while we are able to do more of the creative planning, and honestly more of the dirty work. Just for reference Jose and I filled a 15 yard dumpster this weekend by cleaning up around the farm & now we need another one. We love this farm life.. seriously, we do. We are so thankful for any help we can get though! This area has our grill in it under the little arch area that you see in the photos that Jose loves using & that’s mainly what this area will be now. We won’t be having a dining table here because we will be having one in the sunroom now. So, we will be having a functional piece of furniture, possibly a little counter area, & the grill area for Jose.

Anyways, the wall is in progress mode & so far it’s been going great! I am loving how it’s looking & can’t wait to make this room functional for us. I just can’t wait to have a kitchen again! Oh my goodness! Jose and I finally got into cooking again & finding the passion in it right before we started demo on the kitchen… that was dumb. It’s still going to be a while because we have so much to do, but we are making progress so that’s what counts! I hope you liked this kitchen update & that it explained a little as to what we are up to. Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!! xx


See our kitchen ceiling update [HERE]

An Antique Buffet In The Dining Room

I had to share this with you guys here on the blog today! A piece that has been in our life for many years of our marriage has come full circle and ended up in a new spot in our dining room. You may remember this piece back three houses ago in our bedroom as our TV stand…

This was styled in our master bedroom & Jose used it as his dresser. We had found this piece in the back of an antique store in North Carolina. I think it was heading to the dump it was in such and shape. So, we got a great deal on it & I took it home & panted it with some DIY chalk paint. This was all 4 years ago or more so I forget all the details, but you can read more about it [HERE]. It never really found a place in our next homes, but it finally did here at White Cottage Farm

We styled it on the wall that separates the kitchen and the dining room & it fit so perfect like it was meant to be! You might remember this is the wall where our mantel used to be which is now in our front living room. I think this piece will be here for quite a while.

I love the memories we have with this piece & that we finally made use of it. What do you guys think of our antique buffet in the dining room? I’m excited to style it & use it for our dishes. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today!! xx

Shattering Glass Ceilings.. Or Wood Ones.

Yup… nothing can hold us back on this renovation. Not even ceilings! You guys this was NOT the plan… not at all. As you saw a few weeks back, while gutting the kitchen we had primed the ceilings because we were going to paint the beadboard ceiling white. Well, that went out the window quickly after we took out the bulkheads. We discovered that when they installed the headboard ceilings they didn’t go beyond the bulkhead, so there was a huge gap in between the ceiling and the edge of the wall. So, we took the beadboard ceiling down & we were left with something that has a lot of potential, but it doesn’t look like much now…

Here the kitchen was a little big ago before taking the bulk heads out…

After the bulkheads out with the ceiling gap….

& now….

Our plan for the ceiling is to clean it up [wires, holes, and other things like that] & to give the ceiling a fresh coat of white paint to really finish it off & make it cohesive to our design. I’m also wanting to add more historic inspired details, but more on that later. I’m honestly so glad we had to take the beadboard ceiling down because can you believe how much visual height this is going to give the room? Don’t get me wrong, now that we took the ceiling down there is a LOT of work to do now, but I know that I will love the finished product so it’s all worth it. As seen in our last post our friend Denny is helping us a lot in this space & for that I’m thankful too! I’m just so excited to see the finished product, because boy is it a mess! Just so you can get a visual idea of what our kitchen ceiling will look like, here is our inspiration we found [HERE]...

I found these images early on in our kitchen reno, but never dreamed that we would have exposed ceilings. Funny how things like that happen. & look it there, the floors look like our front living room floors… I’m feeling so inspired tonight & kind of wishing I could snap my fingers & have a finished kitchen, but I’m also enjoying this fun fixer upper process as well. Thank you guys for stopping by the blog today & seeing what we are up to in our renovations… & thank you for always supporting us even when our life kitchen is a mess! What do you think of our new kitchen ceiling adventure? Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest for more behind the scenes! xx

Back Living Room – The Beginning

Some days I wonder if anyone likes reading my blog or even if they can keep up with my brain. It’s truly all over the place. I wonder some days if I’ll ever be a pro blogger.. you know the one who has posts planned out the week ahead or does room makeovers one at a time. NOPE. I am for sure a “blog whatever I’m doing that day” kind of girl & will most likely never plan someone in advance… I truly hope you don’t mind & that you enjoy me being messy in our fixer-upper. Ok, sorry about that long intro, but after weeks of talking about our front living room & kitchen I’ve moved into the back living room even though  the other two spaces are no where near done. It’s just when things get put on hold in other spaces I can’t help but to move into another space. Would it really confuse you if I said I’m also painting the back guest bedroom & working on that as well? Someone stop me! Anyways, the back living room should be an easy remodel because it involves ripping flooring out and laying new flooring down, but for now we are just styling it & using it as is & I don’t hate it…

Honestly up until a week ago we were using this room for storage until we got the spring cleaning bug last week & we cleared it all out. Last summer we did have this room painting to freshen it up, but since then we haven’t done anything. This room is the old garage on the house & it was turned into a living room with a guest bedroom & bathroom off of the back of it. Here is what the space looked like before & brief list of what we are wanting to do with the space…

So above are pictures from our house listing before we bought it. Since these the room has been painted like in the photos above these in the color shiplap by Magnolia Home Paint & the trim is true white by Magnolia. Here is a brief list of what we want to do to this room:

-Remove the second level of flooring around the room [the curved step up]
-Put wood flooring in the entire room.
-Do some kind of ceiling treatment whether thats beams or something else.
-Replace the fan & all light fixtures
-Replace doors & windows.
-Find something interesting to do to the slider area? Suggestions welcome.
-Recover the sectional & get two chairs of the seating area.
-Complete the coffee bar.
-Decorate the entire space
-Replace the mantel
-create a seating area around the fireplace
-We will stop there for now….

So there is that. This is our back living room as of today & just some quick snapshots of how it looks. I honestly can’t wait to do more projects in this room & I think it’s going to be a fun one! The flooring will be the biggest change as you can see by that curve in the floor & also a fun treatment on the ceiling. My brain just keeps going & won’t stop thinking about it. I’m thankful I have the blog to come share what’s going on in my brain daily. Thanks for stopping by & checking it out! Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest for more behind the scenes of what is going on in my brain. xx


Front Living Room Fireplace Progress- Tile

I can’t believe I’ve waited a week or so before sharing this here on the blog with you guys. We made some MAJOR  progress in our front living room on the fireplace. If you remember way back when we started the front living room makeover, the floors & the fireplace were the biggest challenges. After ripping out the wall & old fireplace mantel we discovered the old brick from the original house, but it had been ruined by marble being glued to it & sharpie writing all over it by previous contractors. So, we decided one day we may want to tackle that beast, but for now we wanted to put it back behind a wall & so we built up shiplap over it & placed a reclaimed mantel that we had in front of it. Then came the challenge of tiling the floor around the fireplace….

Let’s see where we began:

& some progress with paint…

& now today almost done…

It was our first tile job ever & boy did we learn A LOT! So, we chose [these tiles] from Home Depot. I asked on Instagram which ones to choose & these were for sure not the popular vote, but my heart was calling for these. I wanted more contrast than with a plain neutral tile & these just felt right for the time period for our home. They were more complicated to lay than a normal basic subway tile pattern, but totally worth it in the end. I honestly think that these tiles give kind of a cottage vibe mixed with the chippy wood & we all know that we love that. Jose will be doing an ENTIRE tile process & how we ddi it over on our farm blog, TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com this week. We chose to tile only the hearth on the floor around the fireplace so we extended that area to really make a statement since that was the only place of the fireplace area that we were tiling. We built out around the fireplace using wood & then tiled on top of that. When we were done laying all the tile we used shoe molding to wrap around the area that we tiled. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.. more details will be on our farm blog asap. You can see [HERE] how we painted around the fireplace & got rid of the old 80’s brass that just doesn’t fit in with our decor.

To some this may look done & to some it may look way not done [or however you say that], but all in all we need to do some caulking, trimming, flooring work, & lots of styling. But we have made so much progress in this front room & it now doesn’t feel like such a construction zone anymore which makes me so happy! What do you guys think of our tile job? Be sure to check TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com this week for Jose’s tile insight & some comments from me about our first experience tiling… It’s not for the weak hearted that’s for sure! We are still wanting to add windows to this space on each side of the fireplace so cross your fingers we can make that happen because wouldn’tt that just be epic? Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by my blog today & for encouraging us to keep sharing our fixer upper, DIY, home decor, & lifestyle here on the blog… it means the world to us! xx


29 on my 29th

Every year on my birthday I share some random facts about myself & I share one for every year I’ve been alive. I am sitting in the car today with Jose as we are on a little road trip for my birthday so I thought I would quick share some super random facts about me to celebrate my birthday here on the blog. I noticed that after a few years of doing this it’s hard to share new things about myself. So, sorry if these aren’t super interesting, but as we are driving down the highway listening to the Moana soundtrack, singing at the top of our lungs of course, these are what I came up with… enjoy! & a HUGE thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today.. I was blown away. I do not deserve all the love & I am so thankful for you guys for making me feel special on my special day…

  1. I really only wear neutral colors. Surprise surprise… I see a pattern here.

2. My summers growing up were spent at my parents cottage up in northern Michigan & I’m so thankful for those memories. 

3. I went to school for interior design. 

4. it’s either news, podcasts, or rap playing in my jeep.

5. I’m 5′ 2″. 

6. I hate flying even though I do it often.. they say it gets better, but it never does. I find myself praying the entire flight in between naps and reading, which is kind of a cool time for me to spend time with God which turns out to be nice.  

7. You will probably never find me wearing heals or wedges. 

8. My favorite color is any shade of white. Shocker. 

9. My dreams were always to own a shop, live on a farm, & marry my Prince Charming… they all came true in my 20’s. well, the Prince Charming when I was in my teens., but I truly have had a lot of dreams come true already. Owning The Found Cottage, blogging here on & our farm blog TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com, marrying Jose, & buying our dream farmhouse & dream farm. Blessed doesn’t begin to describe it. God is good all the time.

10. If the jeans have holes in them I’m happy. & most of the time paint…

11. You will probably see me with paint in my hair when you meet me. 

12. My morning Starbucks drink is a venti dark roast with cream & three packs of raw sugar. 

13. My afternoon Starbucks drink is a venti iced chai with coconut milk & super light ice. Yum! 

14. I’m a jeep girl through and through. 

15. I miss North Carolina every day, but I love Michigan with all my heart. 

16. Every coat I own is green. 

 17. This farmhouse & farm life has inspired me to want to want to learn to love to cook. I can’t wait to grow our own food & I can’t wait for our kitchen to be done finally! 

18. I’m a homebody. 

19. I’ve started this habit of listening to Elton John every morning… you should try it. 

20. One of my many dreams is to start doing a women’s bible study on our farm. 

21. My addiction is cherry coke. 

22. Jose & I have been gluten free for 4 years. 

23. I miss bread. 

24. I’m such an introvert.. but owning a shop has really helped me shed some of my introverted habits. 

25. Jose & I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage this year. 

26. One day I hope a little gets to call me mom. 

27. I am super sensitive & overthink and over analyze every situation.. I’m hoping I that gets better with age, but I do find that my sensitivity makes me a great listener & a good friend.. when we are close we are super close. Pros & cons. 

28. I don’t go a day without doing at least one little DIY project or decorating. 

29. Blogging is a true passion of mine & I hope I’m able to do some form of that however it evolves for the rest of my life. Thank you for allowing me to share my passions here & for stopping by daily to see what I’m up to. xx

Kitchen Reno Update: Bye Bye Bulkhead!

Happy Friday! I wanted to pop on here & share with you some progress we made today in the kitchen. I figured since the kitchen needs so much work we might as well take this baby step by baby step. Today the one thing in the kitchen that was really bugging me was removed. The bulkhead!! Honestly it was fine when there were cabinets hanging on the upper part of the kitchen, but when the cabinets were down it cut off the entire kitchen & made the space feel smaller. One of the main objectives of this kitchen/sunroom remodel was to make the space feel more open so taking this bulkhead out is really going to help that cause. We had our good friend Denny over today while we were at work & he so kindly took out the bulkhead & started to take out the tiles on the counters & backsplash. He will be helping us with a few other dirty projects & we are so thankful because time is not our friend lately & he has been doing this for years so he truly is an expert in remodeling. Next up we will be finishing tile removal, doing some major work on the opposite side of the room I haven’t shown you, replacing all the windows, revealing the beam that runs between the sunroom & kitchen, & quite possibly removing the bead board ceiling as well for an exciting idea Jose & I came up with tonight. Here is the progress we have made so far this week…

Earlier this week we were here:

& today….

I’m sorry, & maybe it’s just me, but without those bulkheads it’s already so different & the ceiling seems higher. Denny also removed the oven hood & the light fixture that was above the sink. I am learning SO MUCH through this whole process & I’m loving every single second of it. This kitchen and sunroom makeover isn’t for the faint of heart. Also, all those appliances are going as well. We kept some appliances from our last house so we will probably be using those. Also, we are purging all of our dishes & starting all over with a clean slate which I’m super excited about. When you’ve been married for 10 years & have moved countless times… it’s a great time to start over. I hope you guys liked this update. I’m feeling so much better today than I was earlier this week. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are still very far out from having a beautiful kitchen, but we will have one someday! Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes & THANK YOU so much for stopping by the blog today. xx