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Front Living Room Fireplace Progress- Tile

I can’t believe I’ve waited a week or so before sharing this here on the blog with you guys. We made some MAJOR  progress in our front living room on the fireplace. If you remember way back when we started the front living room makeover, the floors & the fireplace were the biggest challenges. After ripping out the wall & old fireplace mantel we discovered the old brick from the original house, but it had been ruined by marble being glued to it & sharpie writing all over it by previous contractors. So, we decided one day we may want to tackle that beast, but for now we wanted to put it back behind a wall & so we built up shiplap over it & placed a reclaimed mantel that we had in front of it. Then came the challenge of tiling the floor around the fireplace….

Let’s see where we began:

& some progress with paint…

& now today almost done…

It was our first tile job ever & boy did we learn A LOT! So, we chose [these tiles] from Home Depot. I asked on Instagram which ones to choose & these were for sure not the popular vote, but my heart was calling for these. I wanted more contrast than with a plain neutral tile & these just felt right for the time period for our home. They were more complicated to lay than a normal basic subway tile pattern, but totally worth it in the end. I honestly think that these tiles give kind of a cottage vibe mixed with the chippy wood & we all know that we love that. Jose will be doing an ENTIRE tile process & how we ddi it over on our farm blog, TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com this week. We chose to tile only the hearth on the floor around the fireplace so we extended that area to really make a statement since that was the only place of the fireplace area that we were tiling. We built out around the fireplace using wood & then tiled on top of that. When we were done laying all the tile we used shoe molding to wrap around the area that we tiled. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.. more details will be on our farm blog asap. You can see [HERE] how we painted around the fireplace & got rid of the old 80’s brass that just doesn’t fit in with our decor.

To some this may look done & to some it may look way not done [or however you say that], but all in all we need to do some caulking, trimming, flooring work, & lots of styling. But we have made so much progress in this front room & it now doesn’t feel like such a construction zone anymore which makes me so happy! What do you guys think of our tile job? Be sure to check TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com this week for Jose’s tile insight & some comments from me about our first experience tiling… It’s not for the weak hearted that’s for sure! We are still wanting to add windows to this space on each side of the fireplace so cross your fingers we can make that happen because wouldn’tt that just be epic? Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by my blog today & for encouraging us to keep sharing our fixer upper, DIY, home decor, & lifestyle here on the blog… it means the world to us! xx


29 on my 29th

Every year on my birthday I share some random facts about myself & I share one for every year I’ve been alive. I am sitting in the car today with Jose as we are on a little road trip for my birthday so I thought I would quick share some super random facts about me to celebrate my birthday here on the blog. I noticed that after a few years of doing this it’s hard to share new things about myself. So, sorry if these aren’t super interesting, but as we are driving down the highway listening to the Moana soundtrack, singing at the top of our lungs of course, these are what I came up with… enjoy! & a HUGE thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today.. I was blown away. I do not deserve all the love & I am so thankful for you guys for making me feel special on my special day…

  1. I really only wear neutral colors. Surprise surprise… I see a pattern here.

2. My summers growing up were spent at my parents cottage up in northern Michigan & I’m so thankful for those memories. 

3. I went to school for interior design. 

4. it’s either news, podcasts, or rap playing in my jeep.

5. I’m 5′ 2″. 

6. I hate flying even though I do it often.. they say it gets better, but it never does. I find myself praying the entire flight in between naps and reading, which is kind of a cool time for me to spend time with God which turns out to be nice.  

7. You will probably never find me wearing heals or wedges. 

8. My favorite color is any shade of white. Shocker. 

9. My dreams were always to own a shop, live on a farm, & marry my Prince Charming… they all came true in my 20’s. well, the Prince Charming when I was in my teens., but I truly have had a lot of dreams come true already. Owning The Found Cottage, blogging here on & our farm blog TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com, marrying Jose, & buying our dream farmhouse & dream farm. Blessed doesn’t begin to describe it. God is good all the time.

10. If the jeans have holes in them I’m happy. & most of the time paint…

11. You will probably see me with paint in my hair when you meet me. 

12. My morning Starbucks drink is a venti dark roast with cream & three packs of raw sugar. 

13. My afternoon Starbucks drink is a venti iced chai with coconut milk & super light ice. Yum! 

14. I’m a jeep girl through and through. 

15. I miss North Carolina every day, but I love Michigan with all my heart. 

16. Every coat I own is green. 

 17. This farmhouse & farm life has inspired me to want to want to learn to love to cook. I can’t wait to grow our own food & I can’t wait for our kitchen to be done finally! 

18. I’m a homebody. 

19. I’ve started this habit of listening to Elton John every morning… you should try it. 

20. One of my many dreams is to start doing a women’s bible study on our farm. 

21. My addiction is cherry coke. 

22. Jose & I have been gluten free for 4 years. 

23. I miss bread. 

24. I’m such an introvert.. but owning a shop has really helped me shed some of my introverted habits. 

25. Jose & I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage this year. 

26. One day I hope a little gets to call me mom. 

27. I am super sensitive & overthink and over analyze every situation.. I’m hoping I that gets better with age, but I do find that my sensitivity makes me a great listener & a good friend.. when we are close we are super close. Pros & cons. 

28. I don’t go a day without doing at least one little DIY project or decorating. 

29. Blogging is a true passion of mine & I hope I’m able to do some form of that however it evolves for the rest of my life. Thank you for allowing me to share my passions here & for stopping by daily to see what I’m up to. xx

Kitchen Reno Update: Bye Bye Bulkhead!

Happy Friday! I wanted to pop on here & share with you some progress we made today in the kitchen. I figured since the kitchen needs so much work we might as well take this baby step by baby step. Today the one thing in the kitchen that was really bugging me was removed. The bulkhead!! Honestly it was fine when there were cabinets hanging on the upper part of the kitchen, but when the cabinets were down it cut off the entire kitchen & made the space feel smaller. One of the main objectives of this kitchen/sunroom remodel was to make the space feel more open so taking this bulkhead out is really going to help that cause. We had our good friend Denny over today while we were at work & he so kindly took out the bulkhead & started to take out the tiles on the counters & backsplash. He will be helping us with a few other dirty projects & we are so thankful because time is not our friend lately & he has been doing this for years so he truly is an expert in remodeling. Next up we will be finishing tile removal, doing some major work on the opposite side of the room I haven’t shown you, replacing all the windows, revealing the beam that runs between the sunroom & kitchen, & quite possibly removing the bead board ceiling as well for an exciting idea Jose & I came up with tonight. Here is the progress we have made so far this week…

Earlier this week we were here:

& today….

I’m sorry, & maybe it’s just me, but without those bulkheads it’s already so different & the ceiling seems higher. Denny also removed the oven hood & the light fixture that was above the sink. I am learning SO MUCH through this whole process & I’m loving every single second of it. This kitchen and sunroom makeover isn’t for the faint of heart. Also, all those appliances are going as well. We kept some appliances from our last house so we will probably be using those. Also, we are purging all of our dishes & starting all over with a clean slate which I’m super excited about. When you’ve been married for 10 years & have moved countless times… it’s a great time to start over. I hope you guys liked this update. I’m feeling so much better today than I was earlier this week. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are still very far out from having a beautiful kitchen, but we will have one someday! Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes & THANK YOU so much for stopping by the blog today. xx


How To Remove Your Makeup With Only Water


I interrupt our usual DIY & home decor posts for a beauty post today. I’m a DIY girl who loves to work on projects, re-finish furniture, & decorate, but I also like to get ready everyday & be presentable when I go to my shop. So that means most days I’m putting makeup on my face. Ok, before you leave from the blog or ask me why the heck I’m blogging about this let me explain! A few years back I blogged [HERE] about how I cleared my skin of bad cystic acne. I had terrible skin that was very painful mentally and physically. It was a long journey, but I found the a more natural skin regimen is what my body needed. Since that post a few years ago I have changed up my routine quite a bit & I really need to share that with you guys soon, but I wanted to share a product today that has changed my life completely & has allowed me to wash my face without any harsh chemicals or any additional oils or cleansers.. just water. It’s called the makeup eraser & honestly I never thought I would be blogging my used face wash cloth, but it’s kind of a miracle product & after a year of using it… it’s time to introduce you to the best face wash cloth out there, The Makeup Eraser

Ok, so how did I find this wonderful little product? First of all.. you have to know I am a complete sucker for descriptions of beauty products at Sephora & Ulta… I love reading product claims & testing out the product to see if it works. I’m often disappointed or my skin is when the product causes it to breakout.. hashtag sensitive skin problems, but when I spotted this product called The Makeup Eraser [HERE] that claimed “A reusable, ultrasoft makeup remover cloth that erases makeup with only warm water.” ok, you know I had to try that! Before this new wash cloth I was washing my makeup off by using coconut oil and a hot wash cloth. It was going ok, but it was quite messy, time consuming, & not convenient when you travel. I picked up this wash cloth for twenty dollars which was a little pricey for me at first because I thought for sure it wouldn’t work, but boy was I wrong.

The first night I wanted to try it so I followed the directions on the package & washed my makeup off with the washcloth & warm water… that’s it. Foundation, mascara, eyeliner, bronzer… all gone with a few swipes. All of my makeup was on the wash cloth & I honestly couldn’t believe it was that easy.. what kind of magic was this thing? And on top of that my skin felt amazingly fresh and clean. No lie. I was shocked, but knowing my skin I thought for sure after a week or two it would break out or not clean as well as I thought.. so I kept testing it for a few more weeks. & just like that my life was easier & my skin was even happier than when I was using coconut oil. It’s never been so clear! Here is my skin routine with the washcloth now: Soak wash cloth in warm water, wipe my entire face, rinse the wash cloth in warm water again, go over my face once again just to double check that everything was removed, wash my face with my favorite charcoal bar soap, pat dry, apply night time cream [Favorite one of the moment here]. Done. That’s it. Of course some nights I will exfoliate & use face masks, but I will go over all of that in my updated skincare routine later.

Here are more of the claims of the washcloth listed on the website: “Remove smear-proof, waterproof makeup and mascara with The Original MakeUp Eraser®. Free of chemicals, this makeup remover gets rid of all types of makeup, including stage, sports, and theatrical makeup. Each cloth will last a thousand washes, and you only need to add warm water and then remove makeup. This ultra-soft, woven polyester-blend cloth gets rid of tough makeup without leaving behind a residue—just a fresh, healthy feeling.” I would never come on here & talk about my face wash cloth if I didn’t love it.. & I have to say it’s love. It’s so convenient, great for travel, easy to use, & my super sensitive skin loves it. Ok.. so that concludes this post about a wash cloth, but really I hope it helps some of you. I can’t tell you how many emails and comments I get daily about how my skincare routine has helped others get rid of their troubled skin & how it’s changed lives so there was NO WAY I could keep this little secret to myself because I know someone out there needs to throw away those chemical filled makeup wipes & use this more natural makeup remover. I hope this helps some of you out there. Have you tried this makeup remover wash cloth before? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram! xx

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Ps. There may be affiliate links in this post, BUT as always all opinions are genuine & my very own.

Farmhouse Flush Mount Lights


Affiliate links to all the lights above: 1// 2// 3// 4//5//6//7// 8//9//10//11//

Shop the lights above & more:

Yesterday I blogged the state of our kitchen [HERE], it’s awful right now. Want to know what’s keeping me sane? Continuing with the design process & the dreaming. I’m still picking out finishes, dreaming about decorating the finished space, & shopping for items that we will be using in our home. Even though the kitchen is on a stand still due to us finding some water damage, the continuation of planning & working on things we can has kept me super motivated. So, while we wait I’ll be sharing my shopping adventures here on the blog. We will also be having some major updates soon in the kitchen that I will be share even though we are dealing with the water damage in the connecting sunroom so stay tuned for that. Anyways, in one are of the sunroom/kitchen we are debating adding a flush mount light somewhere in there so only daily Amazon trip today I spotted a few that I like & I wanted to document them here for future reference… I also figured it could help some of you out who are looking for a good farmhouse style flush mount or semi flush mount light. I hope this helps!! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Instagram, & which one you could see me buying. I look forward to hearing what you have to say! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!! xx

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The State Of The Kitchen Address

You guys, I would love to come on here & chat about something happy with you guys & tell you that we have made a ton of progress in the kitchen the past two weeks. Well, I can’t say that because well, we haven’t. We ran into our fist issues in our farmhouse since we first moved in last June, which in my book isn’t too bad considering the house was originally built in the 1840’s. BUT there will be some major construction going on in the kitchen now that was un-planned, so everything is currently on hold….

I primed the cabinets & the ceiling since we last visited the kitchen here on the blog so there is that piece of good news & we will hopefully have those counters & bulk head out this week as well which is also progress. So, before we ripped the floor up we noticed some standing water in the sunroom on the carpet. We were thinking that maybe it was a fluke thing & that it was just a minor thing we could easily fix. Well, when we ripped the floor up & noticed that it was from the windows in the sunroom & that most likely this had happened before & we were just never told about it. That means major construction and demo is about to happen. We haven’t figured out the extent of the damage, but we’ve heard from some experts that say it’s going to need a complete overhaul in order to be in great condition again.

So, the state of our kitchen is not very good at the moment, & all of this has really slowed us down, but all of the damage is only on one side of the room [the right side in the photo above in the sunroom area] so we are hopefully going to be able to start working on the other side of the room very soon & there are going to be big things happening on that side of the room as well. & call me optimistic, but I’m not upset about the damage because this is another reason for us to make this space completely our own. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’m upset that it’s taking us longer & costing us more money, but I know in the long run it will be great. Thanks for cheering us on & for stopping by the blog today to see what is going on in our kitchen & sunroom. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest for more behind the scenes. xx
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Chippy White Dresser with Salt Wash

You guys! I did it again. I painted a piece of furniture. If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I used to paint furniture very often. Lately with running the store & re-doing our farmhouse it’s more a rare thing, but it’s still a HUGE passion of mine & I love painting  & trying new things when I can. Recently we started carrying this furniture paint product called Salt Wash at our store, The Found Cottage, & I had to give it a try…

That chippy finish on the dresser? It wasn’t because of natural aging on paint, it was because of the salt wash product [HERE]! How cool is that? Basically what Salt Wash is is a powder that you mix in with your paint & you dab it all over your furniture piece. It’s the consistency of cake batter when you mix the paint and powder together. After it’s dry you paint a second layer of paint on, usually in a different color, but I chose two very similar colors for not as much contrast. After everything is dry you can sand the piece to get this awesome chipping effect. I will give a more thorough review/demo soon, but since this was my first time I kind of just went for it. For now you can go [HERE] to their website for more videos & descriptions.

product images via

The dresser was just an ordinary little wood dresser before [I forgot to take a photo…or I lost it.. so sorry. Just imagine a normal wood dresser with some cute little wheels] I got my hands on it & I decided I wanted to add a little more character to it. I mixed the salt wash with my latex Magnolia Home Paint in Shiplap, but you can mix this product with any kind of paint they claim.. so many possibilities! The salt was was pretty easy to use, but I did find that I need a little more practice to master using the product. I’m looking forward to using it on another piece. The one con I would say that I had an issue with was that it was a little messy, but I’m a mess so it could have been just me. All in all I really liked using this & loved the finish that it allowed me to achieve!

I love how this little dresser turned out & I love that it gave me a few hours of creativity & to play with something new. I also love that it made achieving a chippy effect on a piece of furniture quite easy.. I totally recommend using the Salt Wash if you love the look of primitive furniture. If you try it, let me know what you think!! I will be back soon with a more thorough tutorial & a further review after using it more. What do you think of this little dresser? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog today & making this my happy place… I can’t thank you enough. xx


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We Are Getting Sheep At White Cottage Farm!

I have said from the beginning of moving to the farm that I wanted us getting animals to happen organically. By that I meant that I didn’t want go looking and searching for animals to have on our farm,I kind of wanted them to find us. Well, we have been found. We have actually known this for quite some time now, but my good friend Abby’s sheep are having lambs! Sheep were on the top of our “animal wish list” here on the farm so this was just perfect. It’s officially official now because we went to the ultrasound yesterday at Black Sheep Farm & got to see the little lambs for ourselves….

The sheep are Icelandic sheep & I’m so obsessed with how unique they look. They are pretty fascinating creatures. I’m not going to lie to you but being in close courters with them & how nervous they were for their ultrasounds made me a little nervous as well, but mostly they were just wanting to keep to themselves & weren’t thrilled about all of us being in their home with them. The ultrasound was so much fun & I learned so much already just from that half hour appointment! I didn’t even know that they did this for sheep. It was such a cool experience & got me really excited to raise our own sheep. We found out all the lady sheep were with lambs & some with multiple. They should be having them in the next couple of weeks & then soon we will be bringing some lambs to White Cottage Farm & we are thrilled! I can’t wait to welcome our first animals to the farm & to take you guys on the journey with us. I hope you guys are excited! I will be sure to keep you updated here & on WhiteCottageFarm.Com about our sheep & more farm experiences very soon. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog! xx


Everything You Need To Know About Magnolia Home Chalk Paint

As many of you know a few weeks ago I was able to travel to Waco, Texas for a master class lead by Chip & Joanna Gaines. The class was so much fun & it was to reveal something super exciting that Joanna is launching. If you haven’t already heard, Joanna Gaines is launching the Magnolia Home Chalk Paint line with Kilz! I’m already a huge fan of the Magnolia Home Paint line that already exists & have been using it throughout our farmhouse on furniture, cabinets, & walls, but the new addition of chalk paint opens up even more possibilities. It was so fun to hear her talk about the new line in person & to hear her passion behind it, it made me admire her even more than I already did. I couldn’t be more thrilled because my favorite kind of paint is chalk paint & I’m in love with her home paint line already so I was over the moon they were adding the chalk paint for us DIY lovers. I am all about bringing new life to old furniture pieces & basically transforming any surface with paint so this made my heart so happy that she created this product in some of my favorite paint colors.

Joanna, like me, always advices to give life to your old furniture before investing in new pieces & this paint is perfect for just that. I was lucky enough to get to test it out before it launches & I have to say I fell in love. I used the color shiplap at the demo which is a creamy white. I painted a dark stained tray with the chalk paint & was amazed at how well one coat covered which is not an easy task with a white paint. After two coats & one coat of wax my tray was looking perfect. I would say this chalk style paint is perfect for anyone from beginner to expert & that you will fall in love with not only the formula, but the color selection as well.

Some quick facts about the paint: 

-The chalk paint will come in quart size cans that can be found on Magnolia.Com or at the Silos & should be available soon.

– The chalk paint line will have 44 colors to start which are straight from her home line of paint which is fantastic because in my humble opinion are some of the best paint colors ever.

-The finish is ultra matte & provides an ultra flawless surface.

– The paint works on multiple surfaces like metal, wood furniture, unpainted & painted surfaces, & even concrete.

-Concentrated formula provides great coverage & smooth finish.

-The chalk paint has low VOC’s

– One quart size can of the chalk paint covers 100 square feet with two coats.

-The formula is fast drying allowing you to get an entire project done in a day with a few coats & a top coat of wax.

-She also has wax to finish the pieces off in different shades from clear to dark & one in between.

I can’t wait to get my hands on it again in our farmhouse for all the projects we have going on. I will be back then with a further review and more facts that I find out, but I hope you guys are as excited as I am about the new line of chalk paint from Magnolia Home! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & be sure to follow me behind the scenes on Facebook & Instagram. xx



New Dining Room Chairs

So, I know I’ve been posting a lot about our dining room lately, but there has just been so many small updates here & there in this space that I want to share with you guys that are really completing this space quite nicely. Before Christmas I dropped some awesome chairs that I found at our local Habitat For Humanity at my favorite slipcover maker local to me here in Michigan. We finally had the chance to pick them up the other day & I just couldn’t wait to share them with you guys…

 Can you believe I found these chairs for only $10?! I couldn’t believe it, but I mean maybe when you see the before you will see why they were $10 and no one grabbed them before I did…

Ok. The floral was a little too loud for me, but the chairs were in perfect condition & I just loved how high and dramatic the backs were. I knew they would be perfect with some slipcovers so I dropped them off at Twin Fibers for a little Liz Marie makeover & now they fit right into our dining room just perfectly…

Jessica made the slipcovers from regular old drop cloths just like the rest of the sofas & chairs we’ve had done in our home by her. We love how durable the drop cloth is & the look of it as well. Also, it’s super cheap. I’m in love with how these turned out & how they add a little vintage drama in our dining room that I feel pairs perfectly with the long farmhouse table, crystal chandeliers, & large primitive cupboard in the background.

So, there are our new dining room table chairs in all of their glory. Of course I put our new pillows from Magnolia on the chairs & they fit quite perfectly. What do you guys think of the new chairs? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today. xx


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*There are some affiliate links in this post, but as always all opinions are my very own.


DIY Dining Room Plate Wall

Since we started demo in the kitchen & have been working on some projects in the front living room, I have kind of left the dining room alone lately as far as DIY projects go. Well, when I was in Magnolia a few weeks ago I spotted these lovely platters [HERE. I can’t find them on Magnolia’s website anymore so here is another place you order from. One issue is I was able to buy individually & this was the set, but the set would make a great plate gallery wall.] & instantly decided that I needed them on our dining room wall. I was shopping with my friend Liz from Love Grows Wild & she helped me pick out the platters to include on the wall which was fun shopping with a blogger friend & planning this project out. Here is how it turned out after a few frustrating attempts at planning out the height and placement…


When I first starting hanging the plates I tried to be super creative & hang the bottom plate over the shiplap & the chair rail, so I  hung all six plates according to that. Once I was done I called Jose in the room because I knew I hated it, but he assured me that it was fine. I don’t like fine.. I like that instant gasp & high five from Jose when he likes something. Nope. I even put it on my Instagram stories and Michael from Inspired By Charm, who I love by the way, instantly told me they were too low. Yup! Knew it! I could have kissed him for telling me that because it instantly gave me the motivation to re-hang them all higher on the wall. So it was back to the drawing board. I eventually decided on new placement & re-hung all six plates. that’s the thing about a gallery wall or plate wall like this, once you move one, you usually have to move all of them. Kind of frustrating, but once they are all hung they add a lot of charm to the space.

Typically I like to use [These] plate hangers that you can grab from a craft store or sites like Amazon [HERE}, but you can also use [These] or any plate hanger you want. You will need a tape measure, a hammer, & a laser level works really well for this if you have one. After that it’s truly up to you how high, how low, or where you want your plates placed. I chose three different platters from small to large [even though I’m thinking I need a tiny one above the three still]. I started at the bottom with the large platter and measured up from the chair rail & used the shiplap line as guidance for hanging the plate hangers on the wall. I’m starting to learn that shiplap is great for helping to measure where to hang things on the wall. Anyways, once you decide on placement it’s pretty easy to create a plate wall.

The dining room is far from finished, but I love how these plates added some subtle character to the space. I also love how they frame this cabinet in perfectly because let’s face it, that big piece of furniture kind of steals the show. I’m super happy with how this simple DIY turned out & I hope it inspires you to hang some plates somewhere in your home on the wall.. the possibilities are endless! Thank you guys guys for stopping by the blog today. Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx

20+ Must Have Interior Design Books

Affiliate links to all the books above: Old Home Love [HERE] // The Inspired Room [HERE] // The Nesting Place [HERE] // Domino [HERE] // The Perfectly Imperfect Home [HERE] // Simple Decorating [HERE] // Love The Home You Have [HERE] // Floret [HERE] // She Shed [HERE] // Flea Market Style [HERE] // A Touch Of Farmhouse Charm [HERE] // Country Living Vintage Finds [HERE] // Junk Gypsy [HERE] // Miss Mustard Seed [HERE] // Patina Style [HERE] // Happy Handmade Home [HERE] // The Handmade Home [HERE] // Patina Farm [HERE] // Gracious Rooms [HERE] // Emily Henderson Styled [HERE]

shop the books above:

With a book as good looking as this,  I had to do a mini book photo shoot around the house with my i-phone. I had the complete honor to receive the new book, Old Home Love by Andy & Candis of Old Home Love Blog, this week & I’m still in shock. The book is absolutely gorgeous & I couldn’t stop reading & flipping through to see all the gorgeous photos as soon as the mailman dropped it off on the porch of our old home. Andy & Candis are old home restoration pros & they specialize in 1800’s homes which our farmhouse is from that era so it’s fun to watch their adventures. Have you head they have a new show on HGTV as well? How exciting is that? Anyways, it was an honor to receive their book & after reading it this week I have been so inspired to dive deeper in our farmhouse fixer upper. After getting their book this week I realized I had never really shared some of my other favorite design and garden books with you guys so I shared some above that I am obsessed with & some that I can’t wait to pick up. I love reading blogs, browsing pinterest, & getting inspiration on social media, but there is something about having a hard cover book to browse through & to make you feel inspired by the inspirational writing & lovely photos. I totally suggest picking up Old Home Love & also checking out their blog & TV show as well if you haven’t. Now I’m just waiting on my copy of Floret to come in the mail… what is your favorite interior design & garden book? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! xx


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Front Living Room Fireplace Tile Progress

This past weekend was an interesting one. We tried something for the first time… tiling! Ok, so I’m sorry, but I can’t be the only one who thought that tiling something small would be super simple. I mean the tile comes on sheets.. you lay some glue.. stick it down.. and then grout.. & voila, you have a tiled surface. No. No. No. It doesn’t work like that. It’s actually quite the process & as first timers we learned a lot. It was actually hard even before we started laying the tile.. picking out the tile was awful. There are so many options & I honestly was stuck between brick, subway tile, penny tile, & the list goes on. We ended up going with a classic octagon marble tile against what most people suggested we do [majority said subway tile, which I loved as well], but my heart was just drawn to the classic look with the pop of contrast of these marble tiles. Also, when I asked for suggestions on Instagram for tile, I forgot to mention that we were only tiling the hearth by the fireplace & not the entire fireplace surround…

Here was the fireplace area before….

& with progress…

Please excuse the terrible photos that I took at night in our house, but this wasn’t going to be pretty no matter how I took them so there’s that. t will be blogging a more in depth later on when we are finished, but I wanted to pop in today & show you what it looks like before we grout it and finish the fireplace area up. We removed the mantel to lay the tile & we will be painting all of that marble with the high heat black paint that we started using before. We added the shiplap above to cover the drywall that was revealed after taking off the prior mantel. We talk about someday maybe removing everything and trying to see fi we can salvage the old brick fireplace, but that’s a “someday” project so we will put that on the back burner as they say. Anyways, so for this hearth Jose actually built off of the marble that was there to create a larger tile area. Now that the tile is down, we have to grout and tile the sides of the boards that he built out. Here is a little glimpse into us doing that part…

We will be back when it’s done with a full tutorial, what we learned, pros & cons, & of course finished photos. I can’t wait for this area of the front living room to be done! It’s going to be so amazing to have one room that looks decent in the house. I haven’t said this here on the blog yet I don’t think, but we are thinking about adding a windows on either side of the fireplace above the built-ins as well. This room does lack a lot of natural light only having two small windows. More on that later. I hope you enjoyed seeing this front living room fireplace update & I can’t wait to come back with the finished product!! Thank you much for stopping by the blog today. xx


How To Make A Farmhouse Floral Arrangement

Ok. I need to preface this by saying that I am not a florist in any way. I’m not a professional at arranging flowers, &  I am a low maintenance throw it together kind of girl. That being said, I know what I like & I’ve found kind of a fool proof way to make some large freestyle & eclectic farmhouse floral arrangements so I wanted to share some tips with you guys today. I love working with faux florals so that they are low maintenance & stay looking amazing longer. Here are three quick tips to achieve this look on your own….

Choose a farmhouse style vessel.

This is a big step & maybe the most important as it gives that farmhouse vibe instantly to your floral arrangement. For mine I chose an antique olive basket I had lying around the house [You can find one HERE]. You could choose a galvanized metal bucket, an antique milk jug, a crock, a chippy wood planter, milk glass, & so on. You can see lots of galvanized farmhouse decor to use [HERE]. After you choose your vessel you will then be able to better estimate how many stems & filler you will need.

Vary your stems.

Gather some of your favorite stems in different heights, sizes, blooms, & type. For this one I chose some lambs ear, white carnations, white roses, Queen Anne’s lace, & Grape leaves. Since I am a lover of all things neutral & whites & greens are my love language, I chose to stick in that family, but you can of course mix in whatever you would like. I think by adding a variety of heights, sizes, & types you add a ton of visual interest that not only gives the “collected from the farm” vibe, but also distracts from imperfections as well. The eclectic mix gives it that wild & free vibe like you picked them from your garden that day.

The random & full arrangement.

This part is the fun part. You can get your wire snips, foam, & string out for this part to carefully arrange & place perfectly, but on this part I let my mind wander & let my hands get creative. playing with pretty floral stems is one of those things that allows me to turn my brain off & so I’m going to leave it at that. For this particular arrangement I started around the sides & moved to the center. I started by kind of dividing the bucket up in four quadrants & arranging the florals somewhat the same in all four quadrants in all of the layers as I went. This way the arrangement looked the same from all sides & looked as full as possible. I varied the heights of the florals & stems by bending some of the stems down & leaving some of them up. Bending the stems also forces most of the stems to stay in place better. That’s it! That’s all it takes really. You can find floral stems at any of your local craft stores, local boutiques, hobby stores, wedding shops, & more. The biggest points in my book are to get a variety of stems that work well together with different textures, heights, & color. Also to really make the arrangement full & eclectic to bring that farmhouse charm to your arrangement. I hope this post helped some of you who were wanting to make some floral arrangements for your home. we love our arrangement sitting on our table in the dining room, in a corner in our living room on the floor, & also on a shelf in our living room. They really work great anywhere. What’s your favorite floral arranging tips? Have you done one lately in your home? Tag me in your floral pictures on Instagram & Facebook & let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by my  blog today! xx

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Magnolia Home Haul

After a week and a half after my trip to Magnolia in Waco I just remembered that I forgot to share what I picked up from Magnolia while I was there so i thought I would share with you what I picked up while I was there & a few other things I had from a previous trip. Not pictured below are some gifts I got for a few friends including a “Garden Mama” T-shirt I got for my preggo friend Abby from Binks & The Bad Housewife. I could have grabbed more when I was there because I was feeling so inspired, but between my feet hurting from walking all day, feeling overwhelmed by the feeling of wanting every single thing, & not wanting to spend one thousand dollars on shipping, I practiced self control…

These large cutting boards. I had to have them the second I saw them. I’ve had some others, but these were super chunky & a must have. I can’t wait to use them in the kitchen when that space is finally finished. For now we have them styled on top of our hutch in the dining room.

When I was at the silos I saw their floral section that was completely stunning. It had a bunch of vessels hanging on the wall filled with different floral stems & above it was a “fresh flower market” sign above it. The sign caught my eye right away & when I saw that they made a smaller version of it… yup, had to have it. I styled it by our white chippy cupboard in the dining room for now.

Another thing I had to have? These down feather blue stripe pillows. I purchased two for our dining room chairs & love them for our spring refresh. I couldn’t believe the amazing quality of these & they also came in more colors. You will be seeing a lot of these pillows in future posts I’m sure.

Those platters on the wall are from Magnolia & I will be blogging more about them later this week. That tablecloth that I folded into a table runner on our small table in the dining room is also from Magnolia. I love how versatile the table cloth is.. you could also use them for curtains as well.

& these galvanized wall vases are also from Magnolia. I honestly didn’t realize how many things we had in the dining room from Magnolia, but I love it all. I forgot to snap a photo of the corbel bookends from Magnolia [HERE], This laundry sign [HERE], & some candles. Ok, I’m done. All in all I’m super happy with all my purchases from Magnolia & I know there will be more in the future I’m sure. Also, If I forgot to mention it before The Silos now has a Fed Ex location located right inside the store now, so you can get your stuff shipped home to you. I hope you guys liked seeing what I picked up at the Silos in our home. What’s your favorite Magnolia Home item? I’m thinking I need a rug next. Thank you for stopping by the blog today & for following me on Facebook & Instagram. xx

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Why I’m Open About Miscarriage & Infertility

I was inspired to share this with you guys from an encounter I had at our store yesterday. I was casually rearranging things when a woman asked if I was Liz Marie… I of course responded that I was & we started chatting. She told me that she had recently started following my blog for home decor inspiration, but quickly found our fertility and miscarriage story & was more connected to that part of my blog than the home decor. You see, she herself had just suffered a miscarriage recently & she felt alone. She felt like she wasn’t supposed to talk about it & that no one else was talking about it. The worst part? I have this same conversation with women weekly in our store, I get these emails weekly in my inbox, & I get these comments weekly here on the blog. Women coming to me and thanking me for being open about our fertility & miscarriage struggles because they feel like it’s taboo to talk about, that it’s weird to bring up in conversation, but I’m here to tell you that I won’t be silent about it. I won’t be scared to talk openly about it. I won’t stop wanting to reach out to others who have lost babies or who have struggled with fertility so that they don’t feel alone.

I don’t mean to sound like a crazy activist wanting to shove my beliefs down your throat. Or that I think I’m awesome for being open about our journey. It’s not that at all. It’s because I’ve felt pushed by God to share. It’s because I feel called to share our testimony. It’s that I want to be open & loud that miscarriage is real & that infertility is reality for many many many people. It’s because I want to be loud for those who choose graciously and honorably to be quiet about their journey. I myself have felt shamed for sharing our story so openly by people that were actually close to me & shamed by people calling me a mom since all of our babies were in heaven & not here on earth. I have been left out on purpose by groups of moms & even told that I shouldn’t be so open about our loss because it makes others uncomfortable. It hurts. It really does. But being open about our fertility struggles & our babies that we lost too soon far outweigh that hurt & their short lives inspired me to openly share their story & our story to hopefully reach one person. One person that feels lonely, that feels forgotten, that feels left out,  I really want to make that one person feel a little less alone in their journey.

All in all I pray for a day when a woman isn’t shamed or made to feel left out when she is struggling with fertility or when she loses a baby. I want men to feel like they can openly talk about these things without feeling weird. I want those who have struggled & those who have never struggled to all feel like they can have open and honest conversations about all subjects surrounding infertility & pregnancy loss. Until then I try to be open & I will try to be there to talk to for anyone struggling through these tough times. Though we have had six miscarriages & 6 years of struggling with fertility, I am no expert on what to say or how to comfort anyone, but the one thing I can do is listen to those that choose to share their journeys & to talk for those who choose to be quiet about their journey. I choose to share my passions here on the blog like DIY & home decor, but I really want to use this platform to spread joy & hope as well. My heart is filled with hope & filled with joy no matter what is on our journey, & I truly want to share that with you guys. Thank you guys for always supporting us through our fertility journey & I want you to know that all of your support inspires me to keep sharing. It can be so scary to be vulnerable and open, but the love & support encourages me so much. Thank You. xx


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