FAQ's About PCOS - PCOS Diet & More

I was blown away this week guys when I brought up my hormonal acne struggle that stems from my struggle with PCOS. I was blown away for many reasons.. one because you guys cared & two because you wrote in some of the best questions I have ever got about a subject. I was going


Cope's Adoption Story

On Cope’s first birthday I wanted to share part of his adoption story because we kept it a secret for so long. I say a part, because I am only one small part of his adoption story. There is cope’s birth mom’s part that I can’t begin to try to tell you, Cope’s birth dad,

Cozy White Cottage Book

Cozy White Cottage Book: Getting Started

Happy Cozy Friday guys!! I promised to start talking more about my book and the process of writing it, who is in it, & all things to do with the book. I kept it a secret for over a year so now it’s time to chat with you all about it! I want to first


5 Things I wish I Never Worried About Before Adopting

Oh my! I was getting read this morning and I was hearing Cope talk to himself in the crib & I found myself taking a deep breath of relief. It was something that I can’t explain, but it was like when I heard his little sweet voice all was right in the world & it


To The Woman Who Made Me a Mom...

Where do I even begin. How do I tell the woman who made me a mom thank you? A simple thank you doesn’t even scratch the surface of how I feel. No, it’s more of a gut wrenching gratitude that almost takes all the breath from my lungs when I think of the magnitude of

Copeland Beau

Adoption After Infertility & Miscarriage

I NEVER in a million years thought this would be the first post I wrote about our adoption story. I always assumed it would be the story about how Cope came into our lives. But, that story isn’t quite ready to be put out into the world because while going through this journey we have


What To Know Before Starting The Adoption Process

It’s been a few months since we announced our excitement over wanting to start the adoption process. I think the “normal thing” to do is to announce that you are going to start the adoption process once you get through the home study. In true fashion of never doing the “normal” thing we announced that

Miscarriage & Fertility

Start Fresh In 2019 - Be kind To Yourself.

I was taking a walk around the farm tonight after a very busy day where I was rushing around to be in all places at once. The walk was much needed & the sun made me stop in my tracks and realize that I deserved this. I had been telling myself all day the ways

Miscarriage & Fertility

We Are Adopting!!

I can’t believe I’m actually typing these words. It doesn’t even seem real yet so all of this just seems like a dream to even be sharing this news with you guys. Well, here it goes… We are adopting. Wow I just got a rush of butterflies from that. In fact the butterflies haven’t stopped


I Still Can't Believe This...

Without getting to sentimental and cry-ee on here, this is a happy post of reflection. Daily I am in aw of Him and all that He has provided for Jose and I. Whether it be the happy accomplishments or tough news along our fertility journey, we acknowledge and welcome all the answers. We know that


A Light & Bright Cozy Cottage - The Morrow House Tour

You guys. I got to do probably the most exciting thing while in Waco this past week. Well, maybe it could have been more exciting, but y’all… I needed this. You know, I’ve said it before but after our last miscarriage I’ve struggled in so many ways & still am a lot, but in one


Three French Doors - Huge New Project

I have some very exciting news!! After sharing our miscarriage story this week I figured I would share something happy on here before we close the week out & what is happier than starting a very fun and huge fixer-upper project? It’s been a while since we have done something MASSIVE to this house &

Miscarriage & Fertility

Our Eighth Baby

This isn’t the post I intended to write today, but I had to get this out. I couldn’t keep this to myself & I felt in my heart that I wanted to include you guys in on all of this even if it was a little soon. Here it is… Last week Monday I gave


How I Stay Positive On Our Fertility Journey

How do I stay Positive… I shared part of this briefly on my Instagram today, but honestly I wanted to share it here as well because I know many of you follow me because of our fertility journey. I get asked a lot how I stay positive during this fertility journey… & after 6 years


I Finally Asked For Help.

I did it. I finally asked for help. After years of battling with this beast & feeling like it was a losing battle I asked for help & I’m so glad that I did. What’s the beast you ask? Anxiety mixed with a whole lot of depression. It’s a beast that I avoided confronting for


Introducing Grace's First Lamb!

Wow. I honestly never thought I would be typing this so soon. If you follow me on Social media you know that our baby Grace had a baby herself this past week, yup! Grace’s Lamb!! We are still in shock & can’t believe she has a baby. We had no idea she was pregnant &


When You Are Grieving On Mother's Day

  This feels weird today. Weird because 6 years ago on Mother’s day I opened up [HERE] about our first miscarriage and our battle with infertility. It’s funny looking back at 24 year old me and how I had no idea then what the journey would look like. How ugly it would be, how dark


That's It, I've had enough.

Well, this whole blogging thing makes you kind of vulnerable doesn’t it? Sometimes I remember people sometimes stop by Liz Marie Blog & that it’s not just my mom and I sitting here talking home decor & DIY. I all the sudden will be like “oh, so & so from high school might be reading