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DIY Market Bag Wreath

The term “DIY” is used loosely here. Very loosely. I mean, unless you call buying a market bag & collecting flowers out of your yard a DIY… well, now that I think about it. That is a DIY project & I’m pretty proud of it! Also, I didn’t feel like making a wreath for our front door & couldn’t find a wreath that I loved for this space, so this will do for now! It all started when I was at the shop the other day & I spotted this market bag hanging on a vintage bike we have there. I was thinking I needed it for something, but couldn’t quite think of where I needed it. I was thinking hanging in our entryway would be super cute on a coat rack, but that isn’t hung yet so I kept thinking… what about on our front door? & it’s adorable if you ask me….

I don’t really share this area of our house much because it’s about to get a huge facelift. New front door & new windows & also Jose wants to paint the porch, but more on that later. For now we made our door look cute for spring in as much time as it took to clip some florals in our yard. To hang the market bag on the door I used a simple 3M hook on the glass. I filled the bag with fresh florals from our yard which you could put an oblong vase inside the market bag with water for the florals, but I simply placed them in the bag to enjoy for two days. I will most likely be putting faux florals in the market bag after these are gone so they are low maintenance & will stay pretty for as long as I leave them up here. & don’t you think this little lemon pillow from Linen & Ivory goes so well out here on our porch? I’m a little obsessed with it so I’ve been styling it all over our house. I also styled this little space with my little lime tree that I’ve somehow kept alive & that faux boxwood tree & planter from Ikea [HERE].

 Such an easy way to liven up your front door & you know I love those quick & easy DIY’s & that I can’t keep them to myself. What do you guys think of this market bag wreath? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram! Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today & for always sharing it with your friends and family. xx

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Vintage Panoramic Photo Gallery Wall – The Beginning

I started something fun in our front living room this week & I wanted to share it with those of you who haven’t seen it on my Instagram stories [I share a lot of random things I’m up to there.. let me know if you want to see more!] I have been collecting vintage panoramic photos for a few years now & before we moved to this house they honestly wouldn’t fit in any room in any of our homes, but I finally found a little corner to gather them in & like I always say, it’s the little things that make me happy…

I’ve found most of these at flea markets & antique stores & this isn’t the whole collection, but I’ve decided to only put military themed photos on this wall. My pan is to hang two more below the current bottom photo & then above the top one I want to hang an architectural piece or something to top off the collection. If you have any fun ideas… let me know! I love how this collection is adding a wall treatment to this area & also bringing our love for the military into our cottage style living room. My veteran husband is quite proud. So are you wondering how big the bottom panoramic photo is going to be? 6ft. Yup, a 6ft antique panoramic photo. Can’t wait to get this gallery wall finished & share it with you guys!

Honestly… to hang these I used my Ryobi nail gun because that’s usually how I roll. I maybe should hang things the proper way, but I love using a nail gun & we know it’s not moving after that… so you better measure twice & use a level so you know it’s exactly where you want it. I’ll update you as soon as I get the wall done… what do you think of the gallery wall so far? I’m just so excited that I got some things up on the walls in one part of our home. That’s a good feeling when you are living in a fixer upper! Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes! xx

How to make a farmhouse floral arrangement [HERE]

Some room sources:

Basket: World Market
Lamp: Magnolia
Photos, chair, pine cabinet: antique finds
Pillows: Target
Floral arrangement: [HERE]


Antique Toolbox Centerpiece

You guys know I love to switch things up a lot. Like a lot a lot. re-decorating & playing with decor gives my brain a little break after a long day at the shop. Sometimes it’s a big change & today’s centerpiece isn’t. I literally took greens out of jars that were on the table & put them in my new vintage tool box I picked up at our shop the other day. The Family roost, who are vendors at our shop The Found Cottage, brought in this mint tool box & as soon as it came in the door I knew it wasn’t going to go out on the floor. I was taking it home with me…

I have this love for antique tool boxes. & this one is massive.& it’s mint. This one is so big that I could hardly lift it… I mean, or farmhouse table is quite large & it takes a big chunk of the table. I guess you can compare it to the coffee mugs for perspective. If you remember our antique bottle centerpiece [here] than you saw these florals, I simply just removed them from the glass jugs & put the bundle in this antique tool box. You can’t get more simple that that folks… you just can’t. The nice thing is you can easily remove the centerpiece by simply taking the toolbox off the table.. if you can lift it. You can find antique toolboxes at your local thrift stores, vintage stores, & more. If you can’t find one, you can DIY one. I just love the simplicity & the laid back vibe of this spring & summer centerpiece.

Sometimes I wonder if I sound share these random decor moments with you. I wonder if it’s worth putting my random decor adventures here on the blog, but then I remember that’s why I blog. To hopefully inspire others in the smallest and biggest ways whether it’s decorating or lifestyle. So I hope you were inspired by this simple antique toolbox centerpiece today & I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to stop by my blog daily to see what I’m up to. I mean that. Thank you. xx


Some room sources:

Table, toolbox,cupboards,ladder: antique finds
Lights: Lowes
Chairs: All Modern
Florals: The Found Cottage
Plates: World Market
Mugs: Home Goods
Cutting board: World Market
Church pew: Joss & Main

Farmhouse Blanket Cupboard

Some dreams are big in life & some dreams are small, but either way when a dream comes true it feels pretty good no matter the size. With our 1800’s farmhouse I have big dreams & I have smaller dreams, but each time we accomplish something in a room it’s like a little dream come true & that is what keeps me motivated through this whole renovation of our farmhouse. One of my small dreams that I have had since even before we lived in this farmhouse was to have a a lovely large cupboard in our living room that we would fill with cozy quilts &  leave the doors open to display all of them. A small dream, but one that has come true & made my farmhouse loving heart happy…

I found this cupboard last year right after we moved into this house. It came with tags on it stating it was built in the 1800’s and had amazing dovetail detail on it that made me instantly fall in love. Also the fact that I paid next to nothing for it didn’t hurt either. It sat in our garage for a quite a while & collected dust because I really had no place to put it since every room was under construction. After we started on our front living room I knew that I wanted to put the large cupboard in between the two front windows so after a marriage testing time we finally got it into this space & I was able to stack some of my quilts in the cupboard & I couldn’t be happier…

So there you have it one of my tiny farmhouse dreams. It may seem small to many, but it’s these little things that keep me motivated to keep on going with all of our renovations. Another side note is that today I’m going to call my dad about turning these two windows into two doors that lead out onto our porch.. what do you think? More on that later. This room, although it looks bright in these photos, needs some more light. Oh the projects, they never end & neither do the dreams… Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & for sharing the blog with your family & friends! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram to chat. xx


Some sources from this space:

Cupboard, chairs, metal basket, trunks, laundry basket: antique finds
Rug: World market
Pouf: Joss & Main
Lamp: Painted Fox
Word pillows: With Lavender and Grace
Wool quilt: Modern Wool
White quilts: Antique finds
curtain rods: target
Curtains: Ikea
Planters: Target
Greenery: Michaels

DIY Farmhouse Style Chicken Coop

You guys probably remember my friend Holly  of Hollyhocks & Hydrangeas from [this post] last year where I shared her amazing DIY greenhouse. Holly is a friend of mine & also an amazing artist. I think a lot of you actually have her work in your home & that makes my heart so happy to see! Whatever Holly touches truly turns to gold & I’m always excited to see what she is up to next. Well, recently she built a chicken coop that was dubbed “The Chicken mansion” & I knew you guys would love it as much as I did so I had to share it with you today…

The best part of this “chicken mansion”? Holly made everything from scratch. With a little help from her beautiful family they made this whole chicken coop out of handmade and found items. Everything from those corbels to that door that looks like a vintage find, but it’s actually one of the things that she made herself. I love everything from the metal roof, to the nesting boxes complete with curtains, to the sign above the front door that reads ‘The Chicken Mansion’ in french because, like Holly says, everything really does sound better in french. Every single detail is special & makes this chicken coop she made so unique. Holly was inspired from some chicken coop plans she saw online & took that idea and made it completely her own using repurposed and handmade items. I feel like that combination always makes everything extra special.


I love when she mentioned that most of these items she had lying around her house like the barn wood & the windows. This chicken coop should really teach us all that you can make anything from a pile of scraps. Holly also took a lot of extra precautions to make the chicken coop extra safe and super protective of the chickens which I thought was very cool. The coop locks up super tight when the chickens are inside to protect them from all outside animals. Holly has a real love for animals and it shows with how cozy she made this chicken coop. I mean, they even have shiplap walls & floral curtains.. I’m jealous!

I hope you guys liked taking a peek into Holly’s new chicken palace!! I hope you feel inspired by her work as much as I do. I always said that I didn’t want chickens to be our first animals on the farm so now that we have bees and the sheep are almost here I think it’s almost time for chickens… So, planning a chicken coop will be fun! After this I’m for sure ready to start planning. Anyways, thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & be sure to say hi to Holly & let her know what you think of her Chicken coop! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram to chat about all things home decor and farm related! xx

Check out the DIY window greenhouse [HERE]

DIY Moss Ball Topiaries

A few years ago, probably like 5, I made some DIY topiaries [HERE]. It was one of my first blog posts that didn’t suck. I mean, they all kind of suck in some way because I never spell check, re-read the posts, & I’m not a perfectionist in anyway, but you guys seem to not hate me for it & for that I love you. Anyways, for those DIY topiaries I took the time to create my own moss balls for each topiary & burned my fingers more than I probably should have, but they turned out pretty decent. Mind you back then to take photos for the blog I didn’t really ever style anything or make it pretty for the blog which makes me laugh looking back at how much I have changed, but none the less… it was a project really anyone could do. Well, this week, I’ve created an even EASIER DIY topiary using some moss balls that we carry at our shop, some wooden dowel rods, floral foam, a vase, & a tiny bit of moss….

Seriously it’s sad how easy these guys were to make, but they. Add a pop of charm to our tiny guest bedroom that desperately needed some cottage style greenery. Ok here are a few steps on how to make these easy little DIY Moss Ball topiaries…

1. Buy your moss balls [one small & one large for each topiary], moss for the bottom, a vase, some floral foam [any foam will do it just needs to hold the dowel in place in the vase], a wooden dowel, & some stain or paint depending on how you want the rod to look like.
2. Stain or paint the rod & allow time to dry. Cut it to your desired height.
3. Your moss ball that you get should have a foam center to make this super easy, but all you have to do is feed the dowel through the center of the moss balls. One large moss ball & one small moss ball on each rod.
4. With the small moss ball on top & the large moss ball on the bottom feed the dowel into the foam filled vase. To put foam in these round metal containers we put the vase on top of a foam block we got from Michaels & pushed down like a cookie cutter. Bonus: to make the container super sturdy & so it won’t tip you can add rocks or something heavy at the bottom before you add your foam. This vase was also from our shop, but they are also at as well.
5. The rod with the topiaries should be standing up at this point without any wiggle room, but you can always fill in the gaps with hot glue, we did not have this issue at all. Now you an lay your moss on top of the styrofoam to make it pretty. You can either glue it down or tuck it in the sides so it’s seamless.. I know you will find the best way for you.


That’s it. Five easy steps for some DIY lovely topiaries. Now of course there are so many different moss balls out there & I wish we could ship them from our shop, but we are unable to even keep them in stock so I’m sure you can find some on the internet or at your local craft stores, but you could always go with my original DIY & create your own you crafty people! Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & for always coming to visit the blog no matter what season of life we are in, I can’t tell you how much that means to me & my family. Thank you!


Front Porch Gazebo Makeover

There is one spot in this farmhouse that was a HUGE selling point for me. The front porch gazebo. I loved how unique it made the house, how wonderful it was to sit in it with its high ceilings and rounded exterior, & I pictured our kid getting married under it some day. It really is truly magical. Anyways, this winter we had it all pretty with a Christmas tree & tons of snow, but when January hit it was automatically ugly & kind of in rough shape again. The truth is, the gazebo needs a lot of work, some of the spindles are falling off & some porch boards need to be replaced, but in the mean time we wanted to do a little refresh on it & this is what we came up with with some help from good old Joss & Main who we partnered with for this project…



The gazebo before….

& a few hours later….

Before again…

& after…

What a crazy difference huh?! It’s so awesome what an hour or two and some new home decor can do for a space. To give this space a quick and easy makeover we first swept down the whole area & laid down a rug that I had in our storage room. We removed the old light fixture & hung this light fixture up [HERE] We then got down to the fun part of adding in all the lovely decor & styling the space at one of my all time favorite spots for style & savings…

I like to shop Joss & Main with every new season change because of the fresh new items they put out at that time & let’s face it the prices are great! Last fall & winter I started shopping with Joss & Main & now that it’s spring again I found myself back on their website. I got this patio set [HERE] as seen above for less than $400 & it came complete with two chairs, a sofa, a coffee table, & the outdoor cushions in the cream color. I am obsessed with it. The only con I would say about the set is it is a little smaller than I thought it was going to be, but it ended up being perfect because any bigger & it would have been too much for in our small gazebo space. I also got the small white buffet [HERE] with a few pots [HERE] that I plan on planting succulents in once my current succulents start having babies haha. I love how aged those pots look already & seem like they’ve been on the farm forever. That pom blanket [HERE] is so cozy & has been used many many times already because it’s been quite chilly here in Michigan, but we’ve also wanted to utilize this gazebo now that it’s looking all pretty. To add a little privacy to our gazebo since you can see the road from it, we added this faux boxwood willow lattice [HERE] to the front & it adds a little charm & actually a whole lot of privacy which surprised me! The finishing touch was some greens from our store, The Found Cottage, from our lovely vendor Passiflora.

All in all this was a super quick way to spruce up our porch for spring & I’m sure I will be updating it tons as we head into the summer months here, but it’s finally looking alive again after winter & I’m so happy about that. A porch really extends the house & if you guys saw the huge mess we have going on in there right now with renovations, you would know how nice it is to have this little outdoor retreat area. You can see [HERE] how we weather-proofed this area so that everything will stay looking fresh & new. Want to spruce up your outdoor spaces? Joss & Main teamed up with me to give away To enter, simply snap a picture of your spring front porch, patio, or backyard and tag @jossandmain and #designtheoutdoors to enter. Winner will be chosen on 7/1 to win a $500 shopping spree to Joss & Main. You could get the patio set we have and a few more items for that amount.. how cool is that? Anyways, I would love to see your outdoor spaces so tag me on Instagram so I can check them out! Thank you so so so much for stopping by the blog today & for checking out our front gazebo spring refresh! xx


Some more sources for the space:

Click [HERE] to see our back patio makeover a few houses ago.


Antique Chicken Feeder Plate Rack

You’ve probably seen this one thousand times across pinterest & social media. A chicken feeder that holds plates. Rewind to about two years ago when I bought a giant chicken feeder at a flea market & raced home to put some plates in it in our last home. What do you know when I got home the chicken feeder fit no where. Not on our kitchen cupboard as planned, not on our dining room table, not anywhere. Story of my life. My design eye is usually bigger than my spaces, but the dream still stayed alive & when we moved I dragged that chicken feeder along with me. We’ve lived here for almost a year, but the other day after we moved this buffet here in the dining room I finally dug out my chicken feeder & by golly it fit…

Yup! She found a home. & I have a few tips if you want to use a chicken feeder as a plate holder in your home. First… you are going to want to power wash that sucker. I mean, chickens ate & did other things around it. This one was super clean when I got it, but it still got washed. A few times. After that I sealed it with some spray polyurethane so that everything on the piece was sealed up. This piece isn’t holding our everyday dishes that we eat off, but it is holding some pretty special dishes to me. I started collecting some ironstone about a year ago & this is some of the plates that I have & display them here. I love the combination of ironstone and the chicken feeder so much.

I like sharing the big things with you guys here on the blog, but sometimes it’s the littlest things that show us where we are & how far our journey has taken us. Sometimes living in a fixer upper house that is torn up from top to bottom can be annoying, but honestly this chicken feeder this week reminded me that we are living our dream, in our dream house, with our dream chicken feeder.. haha it’s the truth! Anyways, I’m so glad you stopped by the blog today & I’m so grateful for each and every one of you who follow our journey here on the blog each day. Now the question is.. what do you do with your antique chicken feeders? I must know! xx




How To Have A Green Thumb – Caring For your Plants

If you have learned anything from my blog before, you should know that I don’t have a green thumb. I really don’t. BUT as with every year of my life I try new things & try to better myself so I’ve slowly started to train my green thumb & thankfully I have the help from some of my friends. I met an amazing woman this year by the name of Angie from Passiflora. How I met her was pretty amazing… She called the store one day & I happened to be there. When I picked up the phone I heard this bubbly woman on the other end asking about selling her plants in our shop. My first thought was “Wow, no one can be that nice.” & my second thought was “Wow, our shop could use some greenery & someone with so much joy.” We set up a meeting & when she came in I discovered she really is that nice, she really is that bubbly, & she really is just pure joy. She is now part of The Found Cottage family & I look forward to seeing her and her lovely mom come into the shop to drop off plants. This week they came to the farm to hang out with me & see the house & bring some lovely plants & topiaries to liven up our porch. We also talked about some great tips to keep the plants happy & healthy so I thought I would pass along some tips that she shared with you guys because I know I’m not the only one who could use a little help with their green thumb. Here are 5 super quick tips she shared…

#1. Bright light. “Green” plants just need bright light near a window. If its a blooming plant, 4-6 hours of sunshine is required for flowers.  Some other light notes: Full sun plants thrive in direct sunlight all day, some sun/part shade plants should be in at least 4 hours of sun, part shade plants should be in filtered sun, & Full shade should be out of light all day as the sun can injure the plant.

#2 Moisture. Homes & outside environments vary with humidity, furnaces, etc so adequate water us important. Water daily just enough to keep the soil moist & your plant will be happy. Don’t be like me & forget about your plants for a week!

#3 Trimming vs. Training. Plants that require “haircuts” to maintain shape include boxwood Honeysuckle, rosemary, lavender, myrtle,  flowering maple, basil, olive, euonymus, lemon cypress and santolina. Plants that like to be “trained” with the help of twist ties include angel vine, ivy, creeping fig, rosemary and goldfish plant.

#4 Transplanting. When a plant becomes root-bound (you tend to see roots coming to surface) its time to move into a bigger pot, typically 1″ bigger in diameter.

#5 Fertilize.  To get the your plant to the fullest potential you can choose to fertilize once a month with a water soluble fertilizer. This will give you a better chance at having super happy plants.

Those are just five tips she shared… I would LOVE to hear your best plant tip!! Share them with everyone below in the comments, on Facebook, & on Instagram. Can’t wait to hear from you! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & for sharing the post with your friends and family. xx

Simple Glass Jug & Branch Spring Centerpiece

I had some friends over to the house today & as they were looking at the work we were getting done I commented about how my mood is a product of my surroundings. I truly which it wasn’t, but it is. & that got me thinking… I think that’s why I decorate spaces even if it’s temporary.. even if we are about to rip it up and re- do it.. & yes even if it’s a rental home and we are only living in it for 6 months, I will paint the bathrooms & re- do them. Yes, I did that. My mind is just so much more clear when I’m surrounded by pretty spaces, but that being said.. it doesn’t have to be crazy complicated, crazy expensive, or even crazy beautiful to make me happy. It can be the most simple thing on the planet like this simple spring centerpiece that is currently in our dining room….

I had these antique jugs lying around the house that I have collected over time & I wanted something simple & dramatic on the dining room table so I placed them in no particular order in the center of our antique farmhouse table & put some unruly branches that I picked up from our shop in the bottles to give that unkept and freshly picked off the farm vibe. It’s honestly that simple. Some bottles & some branches, but it’s perfect for that spring vibe in any room on any table. I’m all about bringing the indoors inside & what better way to celebrate those budding trees outside.

It’s crazy what two simple little elements can do huh? Like I said, it doesn’t have to be complicated & crazy to make a beautiful statement. The rooms just beyond this one are a crazy mess with construction, but while all that is going on at least this little dining room is looking pretty for spring. I have to know.. do you feel like some of your mood is dictated by the spaces around you? I’m wondering if I’m alone on this. Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by my blog today! xx

The New Deconstructed Chair

I wanted to introduce you guys to a new [very old] chair that I got last week from a good friend of mine. My friend Holly sells at our shop, The Found Cottage, & every time she comes to drop stuff off at the shop I want it all. Like, really. I want it all. Well, last week when she dropped off at the shop I spotted a chair of my dreams that she had re-covered & I about died. I took some quick cell phone photos of it today in our back living room to show you…

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with the deconstructed chair look. Like, really obsessed so this chair caught my eye right away. I also had been looking for a chair to go in this back living room area that we just kind of threw together last week to pair with our Ikea sectional & so when this baby showed up it was a match made in heaven. I love how this chair gives a casual cottage/farmhouse vibe to the space. Holly sent me some of the before photos of how this chair looked before she worked on it & I was amazed…

& how it looks today in our living room after tons of hard work & love…

A lot of you may know Holly from Hollyhocks & Hydrangeas as I’ve talked about her many times here on the blog. I shared her DIY window greenhouse last summer here on the blog & a lot of you were obsessed with it like me. She’s a creative soul & truly inspires me daily. Anyways on to this chair, Holly used a mix of vintage fabric from grain sacks  & a ticking stripe blue an white fabric to upholster the chair after stripping all of the old fabric off. I love this mix of fabric between the ottoman and the chair & think it’s pure perfection. I feel like this chair looks like it could have been a piece that we found in our 1800’s farmhouse & that’s pretty cool in my book. I love all the exposed wood detail mixed in with the fabric combination. It’s just the perfect little chair for this space.

 Bonus? It’s comfortable too. Which is quite important as well. Just ask Bella & Bear. This room is far from finished, but in the mean time we are making it look great before we can start the demo on the flooring because you know that’s how we roll around here. Oh, and that pillow on the chair? That was made by another one of my friends in our shop, Sue from Fabric Scout Studio. What do you guys think about our new [old] chair? I know this look isn’t for everyone, but I think my heart melts every time I see one. Holly did such a great job giving this chair a makeover & having work from your friends in your home is quite special. Thank you guys for stopping by the blog today & be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx


Check out Holly’s DIY window greenhouse [HERE]

Chippy White Dresser with Salt Wash

You guys! I did it again. I painted a piece of furniture. If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I used to paint furniture very often. Lately with running the store & re-doing our farmhouse it’s more a rare thing, but it’s still a HUGE passion of mine & I love painting  & trying new things when I can. Recently we started carrying this furniture paint product called Salt Wash at our store, The Found Cottage, & I had to give it a try…

That chippy finish on the dresser? It wasn’t because of natural aging on paint, it was because of the salt wash product [HERE]! How cool is that? Basically what Salt Wash is is a powder that you mix in with your paint & you dab it all over your furniture piece. It’s the consistency of cake batter when you mix the paint and powder together. After it’s dry you paint a second layer of paint on, usually in a different color, but I chose two very similar colors for not as much contrast. After everything is dry you can sand the piece to get this awesome chipping effect. I will give a more thorough review/demo soon, but since this was my first time I kind of just went for it. For now you can go [HERE] to their website for more videos & descriptions.

product images via

The dresser was just an ordinary little wood dresser before [I forgot to take a photo…or I lost it.. so sorry. Just imagine a normal wood dresser with some cute little wheels] I got my hands on it & I decided I wanted to add a little more character to it. I mixed the salt wash with my latex Magnolia Home Paint in Shiplap, but you can mix this product with any kind of paint they claim.. so many possibilities! The salt was was pretty easy to use, but I did find that I need a little more practice to master using the product. I’m looking forward to using it on another piece. The one con I would say that I had an issue with was that it was a little messy, but I’m a mess so it could have been just me. All in all I really liked using this & loved the finish that it allowed me to achieve!

I love how this little dresser turned out & I love that it gave me a few hours of creativity & to play with something new. I also love that it made achieving a chippy effect on a piece of furniture quite easy.. I totally recommend using the Salt Wash if you love the look of primitive furniture. If you try it, let me know what you think!! I will be back soon with a more thorough tutorial & a further review after using it more. What do you think of this little dresser? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog today & making this my happy place… I can’t thank you enough. xx


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Everything You Need To Know About Magnolia Home Chalk Paint

As many of you know a few weeks ago I was able to travel to Waco, Texas for a master class lead by Chip & Joanna Gaines. The class was so much fun & it was to reveal something super exciting that Joanna is launching. If you haven’t already heard, Joanna Gaines is launching the Magnolia Home Chalk Paint line with Kilz! I’m already a huge fan of the Magnolia Home Paint line that already exists & have been using it throughout our farmhouse on furniture, cabinets, & walls, but the new addition of chalk paint opens up even more possibilities. It was so fun to hear her talk about the new line in person & to hear her passion behind it, it made me admire her even more than I already did. I couldn’t be more thrilled because my favorite kind of paint is chalk paint & I’m in love with her home paint line already so I was over the moon they were adding the chalk paint for us DIY lovers. I am all about bringing new life to old furniture pieces & basically transforming any surface with paint so this made my heart so happy that she created this product in some of my favorite paint colors.

Joanna, like me, always advices to give life to your old furniture before investing in new pieces & this paint is perfect for just that. I was lucky enough to get to test it out before it launches & I have to say I fell in love. I used the color shiplap at the demo which is a creamy white. I painted a dark stained tray with the chalk paint & was amazed at how well one coat covered which is not an easy task with a white paint. After two coats & one coat of wax my tray was looking perfect. I would say this chalk style paint is perfect for anyone from beginner to expert & that you will fall in love with not only the formula, but the color selection as well.

Some quick facts about the paint: 

-The chalk paint will come in quart size cans that can be found on Magnolia.Com or at the Silos & should be available soon.

– The chalk paint line will have 44 colors to start which are straight from her home line of paint which is fantastic because in my humble opinion are some of the best paint colors ever.

-The finish is ultra matte & provides an ultra flawless surface.

– The paint works on multiple surfaces like metal, wood furniture, unpainted & painted surfaces, & even concrete.

-Concentrated formula provides great coverage & smooth finish.

-The chalk paint has low VOC’s

– One quart size can of the chalk paint covers 100 square feet with two coats.

-The formula is fast drying allowing you to get an entire project done in a day with a few coats & a top coat of wax.

-She also has wax to finish the pieces off in different shades from clear to dark & one in between.

I can’t wait to get my hands on it again in our farmhouse for all the projects we have going on. I will be back then with a further review and more facts that I find out, but I hope you guys are as excited as I am about the new line of chalk paint from Magnolia Home! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & be sure to follow me behind the scenes on Facebook & Instagram. xx



DIY Dining Room Plate Wall

Since we started demo in the kitchen & have been working on some projects in the front living room, I have kind of left the dining room alone lately as far as DIY projects go. Well, when I was in Magnolia a few weeks ago I spotted these lovely platters [HERE. I can’t find them on Magnolia’s website anymore so here is another place you order from. One issue is I was able to buy individually & this was the set, but the set would make a great plate gallery wall.] & instantly decided that I needed them on our dining room wall. I was shopping with my friend Liz from Love Grows Wild & she helped me pick out the platters to include on the wall which was fun shopping with a blogger friend & planning this project out. Here is how it turned out after a few frustrating attempts at planning out the height and placement…


When I first starting hanging the plates I tried to be super creative & hang the bottom plate over the shiplap & the chair rail, so I  hung all six plates according to that. Once I was done I called Jose in the room because I knew I hated it, but he assured me that it was fine. I don’t like fine.. I like that instant gasp & high five from Jose when he likes something. Nope. I even put it on my Instagram stories and Michael from Inspired By Charm, who I love by the way, instantly told me they were too low. Yup! Knew it! I could have kissed him for telling me that because it instantly gave me the motivation to re-hang them all higher on the wall. So it was back to the drawing board. I eventually decided on new placement & re-hung all six plates. that’s the thing about a gallery wall or plate wall like this, once you move one, you usually have to move all of them. Kind of frustrating, but once they are all hung they add a lot of charm to the space.

Typically I like to use [These] plate hangers that you can grab from a craft store or sites like Amazon [HERE}, but you can also use [These] or any plate hanger you want. You will need a tape measure, a hammer, & a laser level works really well for this if you have one. After that it’s truly up to you how high, how low, or where you want your plates placed. I chose three different platters from small to large [even though I’m thinking I need a tiny one above the three still]. I started at the bottom with the large platter and measured up from the chair rail & used the shiplap line as guidance for hanging the plate hangers on the wall. I’m starting to learn that shiplap is great for helping to measure where to hang things on the wall. Anyways, once you decide on placement it’s pretty easy to create a plate wall.

The dining room is far from finished, but I love how these plates added some subtle character to the space. I also love how they frame this cabinet in perfectly because let’s face it, that big piece of furniture kind of steals the show. I’m super happy with how this simple DIY turned out & I hope it inspires you to hang some plates somewhere in your home on the wall.. the possibilities are endless! Thank you guys guys for stopping by the blog today. Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx