Spooky Witch Antique Corner

As Halloween quickly approaches I want to give you all a few more spooky looks for inspiration. Selfishly…I am styling these a little for myself because they are just so much to create, but I always keep you all in mind as well. So today I am sharing with you a Spooky Witch Antique Corner.

Haunted House Mantel Styling

I normally don’t brag about looks I whip together, but this haunted house mantel I whipped together really has me standing back in awe. Probably just because this year I wanted to challenge myself with different halloween looks & I’m in awe because this on was FUN. In order to fulfill my commitment of providing

Ultimate Cozy Fall Pumpkin Bookshelf

I wanted to make myself happy today… so a little over the top creative idea popped into my brain. And like a true creative, when I get a little crazy idea in my head, I can’t concentrate on anything else but making that vision come to life. A little background into this space and look.

Simple Fall Antique TV Mantel

Today I want to share a simple fall antique tv mantel that you can create with just a few pieces in your home. Oftentimes I like creating these extravagant vignettes with a lot of decor and pieces. But, simple can be just as cozy. Today I am sharing a new antique piece that I purchased