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Vintage Spring Vignette

Guys, I am ready for spring. Most of the time I love the winter months but this year I am ready for spring to come. I’m just so ready for sunny days, green grass, & warmth on my skin… among many other things. With little man, Cope, we’ve discovered there isn’t much you can do […]

Spring Vacation Haul

My whole spring break haul is above & here are the items as I was packing them in my suitcase today… We are headed to Florida for a book signing at Rehab Vintage Market in Melbourne Florida [Get info on it HERE] & the weather is supposed to be much warmer than Michigan. […]

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The Easiest Way To Update Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

I just shared our Cozy Winter Kitchen on the blog last week! I love sharing our kitchen with you guys as it is one of my favorite spots in our home. When I was searching for some of the items in our kitchen to link for you guys I found so many other great kitchen

Affordable Winter Decor

Going into the new year I always like to get back to the basics. After all of the excitement of the holidays, it is a great time to reduce, reset, and refresh your spaces. I am feeling really inspired by neutral pieces right now and have reset the palette of our home back to neutrals!

TJ Maxx Coziest Items

I honestly needed some rest today so I curled up on the sofa with my laptop and surfed the web for all things Cozy. One thing I realized was that I hadn’t shopped at TJ Maxx in a while so I went looking for some cozy finds there because they are so affordable & I

The Best Of Hearth & Hand Winter 2020

Is it Christmas all over again? Hearth & Hand released their new spring line today & it is a faux plant ladies dream! The other day I blogged about their new furniture line that they announced [HERE] which is awesome news & I’m looking forward to where they go with that. The new spring line

Hearth & Hand Furniture Line!

omg it really happened. I feel like a lot of us were asking for this for a while. A Hearth and Hand FURNITURE LINE FROM JOANNA GAINES AT TARGET! Yes, you read that right. I have often wondered if this was going to happen & why it already wasn’t a thing. I’m sure there was

Gift Guide for a New Blogger

I have been blogging for quite some time now and technology and gear have come a long way since my first years. I think the biggest impact to blogging is how far the camera phones have come. If you are a new blogger looking for some essentials you probably already have it. A computer and

Men's Gift Guide

So as I am putting together all of these fun gift guides from home decor to pet lover, I couldn’t do another one without putting together a little men’s gift guide together. With the help of Jose, we put together a Men’s Gift guide that covers everything from basic wardrobe items, to some small tech

Pet Lover Gift Guide

You guys know that I’m a pet lover… More specifically our dogs. But it really goes on to our cats, sheep, bees, & beyond. This time of year I’m always looking for gifts for our dogs & I was searching the internet today for the dogs and I thought I would share some of my

The Best Baby Gift Sets

As the holiday season gets closer I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite baby gift sets! If you are shopping for a baby or new parents this holiday season I love giving premade gift sets. It makes the shopping experience so much easier on you & gives the parents a few

Crate & Barrel Kids Shopping Guide

There are a few places that I shop at that inspire me completly with every single item. Those places aren’t limited to clothing, antiques, & home decor either… Nope, there are some amazing places that I shop for Cope that inspire me as well. One of those places is Crate & Barrel Kids. The toys

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