What to Expect with Liz Marie x White & Faded Collaboration

I am so in love with this collaboration. Have you tirelessly looked all over the internet to find the perfect antique or timeless treasure, only to find its from a European retailer? All I can say, SAME! This collaboration is a hand selection of my favorite items and styles in European timeless treasures, brought to the United States! We have worked over the last year to gather items, and ship them right here to our store in Michigan to be sold in person or online, cutting out that awful wait time & high expense to ship from Europe.


Can't Make it to The Found Cottage?

This collection is going to be available exclusivley in person AND online, available to ship within the U.S. (cost not included). That's right, you can get that perfect European Treasure, faster & without the hassle of shipping it from Europe!