Meet Liz Marie


Hi! I am Liz Marie AKA Liz Marie Blog. I’m a twenty something year old living with my veteran husband on our farm in west Michigan. After spending almost a decade living in North Carolina as Jose served his country & I studied interior design, we are happy to be back in the mitten state working on our fixer upper farmhouse & beginning our journey of farm life. In 2016, right after moving back to Michigan, two of my business partners & I opened up a boutique filled with vintage finds & home decor in Hudsonville MI called The Found Cottage. The only animals currently on the farm are two little shitzus that run the place named Bella & Bear, but I am sure that will be changing here soon as we both animal lovers & are excited to take that step in our farming journey. As Jose & I go into our 10th year of marriage we have found ourselves struggling with infertility which I document here on the blog among all our DIY, design, & farm posts. We have also endured 6 miscarriages & have 7 babies in heaven. Infertility and miscarriage have taught us a lot & made us even stronger. We love sharing our journey in hopes that it will help anyone else on their own journey feel like they have some good company. This blog is my happy place where I share our journey through our fixer upper, DIY projects, love for decor, farm life, fertility, & so much more. Thanks for coming here to join me… xx