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Splurge or Save Wooden Kitchen Accessories

Splurge or Save is back! I took a couple of weeks off from finding some splurge or save finds for you to create more content and DIYs. If you would like to see past week’s splurge or save finds, click here [HERE] to see them all! Today I have found some great wooden kitchen accessories […]

Wishlist Wednesday 1

Welcome to Wishlist Wednesday! In this new round-up blog post I hope to share things that are on MY wishlist in hopes to share what is currently coming out on the market. I am calling it a wishlist as it is simply that! Oftentimes there will be items, I really want, but may not necessarily […]

A Cozy Father's Day Gift Guide

Does anyone else feel like they blinked and it was suddenly June?! How did that happen? While June is filled with summertime activities, we also get to celebrate all the dads in our lives! June 20th is Father’s Day and I wanted to share a cozy father’s day gift guide with all of you to

My Target Try-On Haul

I think everyone decides what they want to invest their money in. For me, it’s home decor and antiques. For some others, it may be clothing. I, however, don’t like to spend a lot of time and money on finding clothes. It always shocks me when people want to know what I’m wearing. So today

Cottage Garden Walmart Finds

Today I am sharing with you some Cottage Garden Walmart Finds! You may have noticed that we have been spending a lot of time outside this past week. From getting our garden and patio prepped for warmer weather to playing with all the animals. I started with the DIY aged terra cotta planters that I

April H&M Finds

It’s no secret that I love to turn to H&M for their home decor. I previously shared some great spring decor from H&M here [HERE]. I actually really love their clothes and their baby clothes as well, so I wanted to share what I purchased from them this month. Full transparency this is not a

Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Being called “momma” is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. Mother’s day has become one of my favorite holidays as I dreamt for so long of becoming a mom. I’m so grateful for this time of year to reflect. As Mother’s day is just around the corner I wanted to put together

New Spring Finds from H&M Home

I love turning to H&M for great home products and inspiration. It sometimes feels like some of the decor was made for White Cottage Farm. So this past week when I saw that they had some new spring items drop I had to grab a few things. If you’re anything like me I’m sure you

A Guide to Cozy Spring Pillows

Today I am sharing with you my spring pillow finds. As I mention in my book, Cozy White Cottage, sofas are pretty cozy on their own. However, adding pillows and throws to a couch makes it so much cozier. Pillows can add so much dimension when trying to decorate a room. They make a sofa

Splurge or Save Outdoor Finds from Serena and Lily

The weather here in Michigan is finally starting to turn the corner of feeling more like spring and less like winter! I am so excited to get outside and start prepping my garden and outdoor patio area. Since putting in a pool last year, I want to take the most advantage of being outside this

Fresh Finds from Target x Levi's

I wanted to share some fresh finds from a collection that I think you all will really enjoy. Target and Levi’s are partnering for a special collection! The collection spans from home-goods, clothing, and even pet items! The entire collection launches on February 28th, so I wanted to share what I have my eye on

Cozy Kitchen Accessories

Earlier today I shared a DIY for our Kitchen Peg rail shelves. You can find that blog post here [HERE]. Whenever I feature our shelving I get asked where many of the kitchen accessories are from. As many of you know, I love antique shopping. There are so many unique finds that you can acquire

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