Back Living Room – The Beginning

Some days I wonder if anyone likes reading my blog or even if they can keep up with my brain. It’s truly all over the place. I wonder some days if I’ll ever be a pro blogger.. you know the one who has posts planned out the week ahead or does room makeovers one at a time. NOPE. I am for sure a “blog whatever I’m doing that day” kind of girl & will most likely never plan someone in advance… I truly hope you don’t mind & that you enjoy me being messy in our fixer-upper. Ok, sorry about that long intro, but after weeks of talking about our front living room & kitchen I’ve moved into the back living room even though  the other two spaces are no where near done. It’s just when things get put on hold in other spaces I can’t help but to move into another space. Would it really confuse you if I said I’m also painting the back guest bedroom & working on that as well? Someone stop me! Anyways, the back living room should be an easy remodel because it involves ripping flooring out and laying new flooring down, but for now we are just styling it & using it as is & I don’t hate it…

Honestly up until a week ago we were using this room for storage until we got the spring cleaning bug last week & we cleared it all out. Last summer we did have this room painting to freshen it up, but since then we haven’t done anything. This room is the old garage on the house & it was turned into a living room with a guest bedroom & bathroom off of the back of it. Here is what the space looked like before & brief list of what we are wanting to do with the space…

So above are pictures from our house listing before we bought it. Since these the room has been painted like in the photos above these in the color shiplap by Magnolia Home Paint & the trim is true white by Magnolia. Here is a brief list of what we want to do to this room:

-Remove the second level of flooring around the room [the curved step up]
-Put wood flooring in the entire room.
-Do some kind of ceiling treatment whether thats beams or something else.
-Replace the fan & all light fixtures
-Replace doors & windows.
-Find something interesting to do to the slider area? Suggestions welcome.
-Recover the sectional & get two chairs of the seating area.
-Complete the coffee bar.
-Decorate the entire space
-Replace the mantel
-create a seating area around the fireplace
-We will stop there for now….

So there is that. This is our back living room as of today & just some quick snapshots of how it looks. I honestly can’t wait to do more projects in this room & I think it’s going to be a fun one! The flooring will be the biggest change as you can see by that curve in the floor & also a fun treatment on the ceiling. My brain just keeps going & won’t stop thinking about it. I’m thankful I have the blog to come share what’s going on in my brain daily. Thanks for stopping by & checking it out! Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest for more behind the scenes of what is going on in my brain. xx


10 thoughts on “Back Living Room – The Beginning

  1. Cristina Dickinson

    Can you please tell me the “black” paint color on the door and sheen? I was thinking Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron? Thank you for your time

    1. Jose Galvan Post author

      I’m pretty sure that is the exact shade it is Cristina! You are good! I used an eggshell but it does show more dirt and marks being that sheen. We are replacing all the doors in our home soon, but I truly love this color! – LizMarie

  2. Kim@Irishman Acres

    I just love this room! At one time you used this as your office, where have you had your office during this winter if not here? Just curious!!;) I’m looking at getting an IKEA sofa for an office I’m working on, and you are getting a new slipcover (twin fibers??) I’m thinking of getting the creamy natural cover, not the white though.
    As you can tell, my brain is all over the place too…
    You could totally rent this part of your home out! Can’t wait to follow along, show us everything… The good, the bad, and the ugly. I love watching everything you do sweet girl!

    1. Jose Galvan Post author

      You are SO SMART!! haha how did you know that this half of the house was set up to be a bed and breakfast? It could totally be rented out. We chatted before about a few ideas. I’m so glad you are excited about this part of the house! So, this winter my office was actually in our bedroom… kind of weird, but the upstairs of our house is so warm and cozy & the basement being under construction was distracting lol. Thank you so so so much for your sweet words this morning, I truly needed to hear it. You are a blessing to me always! Thank you!!! xx

  3. Julia Berry

    That is an awesome view! I am like you where I visualize and keep thinking about a room! Beams sound awesome! Can’t wait to see your progress!

  4. Moriah

    My brain works like yours, so I’m greatly enjoying your blogs. A home decorator quit on me because I didn’t do things the way they are supposed to be done – one room at a time. Then I spent weeks thinking something was wrong with me. But there’s not!
    I found I’m a project person. If I have the paint out to do the door trim in one room, I might as well do it in the other rooms, too. And if I’m painting the door in one room, I might as well paint all the doors. I think it’s s great use of my time and materials. And as I spend time in the different rooms, creativity sparks.
    However, this means I might have several rooms in disarray at one time and the before and after photos are always far apart – but that’s okay. it’s all part of the process.
    Keep up the amazing job!!!

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