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I haven’t done an #LMBlovesHouses [Liz Marie Blog loves houses] in so long! I miss it so much. It’s basically a place where I share my addiction to looking at homes. From me driving by homes and making Jose stop the car so I can take a photo to me actually touring homes, to you guys with amazing homes sending me photos of your amazing homes so I can share them here. Anyways, this past weekend I went to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina with Hunter Fan Co., which I will be blogging more about later, but while we were there we took a trolly tour through downtown Beaufort [we were supposed to be on on bikes, but it was pouring rain the day we went] & on this tour I saw some amazing homes when I was there & I wanted to share a few snapshots that inspired me during my visit. In no particular order…

Seriously from the architecture, to the floors, to the fabrics, to the landscape.. it was all so inspiring and the trip made me fall in love with the small details in spaces. I immediately wanted to come home and add more cozy elements to your farmhouse like tile & pattern detail. I was hoping that the quick snapshots I grabbed on my phone would also inspire you in some small way. You all know I love Eastern North Carolina after living there for 10 years, but this trip made me fall even more in love with the area & all the beauty it had to offer. If you ever get the change to go to Easter North Carolina be sure to take the Hungry Town Tour in Beaufort so you can see all these homes & eat your way through Beaufort while you take the tour. You won’t regret it if you are a creep like me & seeing other peoples homes! Anyways, thank you guys so so so much for stopping by the blog today & for getting a glimpse into my trip to North Carolina. Let me know what your favorite inspiration picture is… I think mine is, well all of them. I want them all. haha Thank you for stopping by! xx

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